he edges of the large holes. White light comes.

The Black Mushroom King’s attempt to recover from his injuries was blocked by these faint white lights.
The gems Wei Xiaobei threw were certainly not ordinary.
It is a gem of light projected from Heaven Mountain.
This bright gem contains a huge amount of pure positive energy. If the positive energy contained in a cubic piece of Paradise Mountain Stone is 1, then the positive energy in such a small bright gem is equivalent to 10!
It can be said that even though the light gem is small, the positive energy within it is compressed and compressed, almost to the point of substantial existence.
Of course, with the oppression of the black mist, the white light is constantly being suppressed, just like a candle in the wind, about to be extinguished. After all, the positive energy remaining at the edge of the Black Mushroom King’s wound is stronger than the black mist that is constantly suppressing it. , it’s still a bit underwhelming.
But for Wei Xiaobei, this is not a problem at all.
Swish Swish Swish
A series of sounds broke through the air, but Wei Xiaobei raised his hand and shot several bright gems over again.
Seeing several more bright gems flying towards them, Little Red Riding Hood, who was lying on the umbrella cover of the Black Mushroom King, was a little panicked and immediately wanted to make the Black Mushroom King dodge.
/But the Black Mushroom King didn’t seem to listen to Little Red Riding Hood’s instructions at this time. He jumped up and rushed towards Wei Xiaobei in the air.
And these bright gems hit the Black Mushroom King’s wound with great precision.
Boom boom boom
A series of explosions immediately sounded again, and extremely dazzling white light overflowed from the Black Mushroom King’s wound.
It seemed that the white light only spilled out a little, but in fact, the wound in the Black Mushroom King’s body was expanded again.
It can be said that the white light raging in the Black Mushroom King’s body at this time is a hundred times greater than the overflow.
The massive amount of positive energy raging inside the body caused the Black Mushroom King much more pain than the raging wounds on the body’s surface.
The intense pain caused the leaping Black Mushroom King to fall down before he even got close to Wei Xiaobei, as if a huge weight had hit the ground.
There was a loud noise, and the black mushroom king that hit the ground turned into a piece of dough.
Of course, this is a unique animation effect of animated creatures, and it does not mean that the Black Mushroom King has died.
The doughy black mushroom king quickly swelled and began to recover.
/It should be said that the Black Mushroom King at this time was already looking embarrassed.
White light and black mist continued to leak out of the opened hole, killing each other, but Wei Xiaobei showed no mercy at this time and once again threw several bright gems towards the Black Mushroom King.
I have to say that in this world, if you add some brine and some tofu, everythin