as riddled with holes, and his soul was almost shattered.

But he finally won and finally survived and survived this catastrophe.
At this time, he especially wanted to find someone to talk to, a friend to talk to, to express his feelings, and to express his happiness!
/He looked up at the soaring rays of light falling from another world in the sky, and Xu Ying’s figure suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. He laughed softly: “He is also watching me overcome the disaster, right? For some reason, I actually want to confide in him. Is it because of him? Also a snake catcher?”
Could it be that he is also from Lingling and has the same fate as him?
“Maybe not.”
He said silently in his heart, “It should just be an appreciation for him. Such an outstanding young man is rare anymore. When I see him, I want to see me back then.”
In the sky, the gods took advantage of the rising rays of light to fall and flew high into the sky one after another, following the rays of light back to the world of heaven.
The fairy world is above the world of heaven.
/For the fairy world and the human world, the world of heaven is the sandwich between the two worlds.
Zhou Qiyun looked up and saw that the huge bodies of these gods blocked the glow, but he was not worried.
“My appreciation for Xu Ying is only due to my narcissism.” He said to himself with a smile on his face.
The bodies of the gods completely blocked the glow, and Jiuyi Mountain and the surrounding Shiwan Mountains were completely plunged into darkness.
At this moment, a shadow caught his eye.
On Wuwang Mountain, Xu Ying looked at Jiuyi in the distance. Although the ascending rays of light were blocked by the gods’ bodies, causing Jiuyi Mountain to fall into darkness, one or two rays of the ascending rays of light still fell from the gaps in those huge bodies into the Hundred Thousand Mountains.
Vaguely, he saw a huge body flying towards Jiuyi Mountain in the darkness.
Xu Ying’s heart was beating violently, and he opened his mouth, trying to shout for caution, but couldn’t.
It’s too far. It’s too far from Jiuyi Mountain.
There was no way his voice could reach there.
His heart clenched, his eyes widened, and he even activated his heavenly eyes, staring at the darkness covering Jiuyi Mountain, silently saying in his heart: “Zhou Qiyun has no flaws anymore, he has passed the immortal tribulation, he is an immortal , he will not lose”
Vaguely, he seemed to see one or two faint lights occasionally coming from Jiuyi Mountain, as if someone was fighting.
“Master Zhong! An Qi!”
Xu Ying said loudly, “Let’s go to Jiuyi!”
Da Zhong and An Qi were alarmed, one flew into the back of Xu Ying’s head, and the other hid in Xu Ying’s collar. Niu Zhen Niu Gan also wanted to follow. Xu Ying shook his head and said, “Guard the cave of Niwan Palace and wait for me to come back!”
The two brothers bowed and said yes.
Xu Ying’s sword energy rose up around his body, traveling around his body, and flew away in an instant, leaving a sound of thunder in the air.
Wuwu Mountain is thousan