nt of the battlefield has a more detailed and accurate understanding of the situation than a military base located on land.

The introduction of the Commander is indeed similar to that of the Commander of the military base, but there are also new things appearing. For example, after suffering several losses, most of the shrimp soldiers and crab generals retreated to the opposite side of the crack, leaving only a few lurking around. In the sea.
To put it simply, there has been no fighting this week.
No war in the East China Sea?
Wei Xiaobei shook his head. There was no doubt that those soldiers and generals were not so easily beaten.
The retracted fist hurts people even more.
Undoubtedly, the commander thought the same thing, so he seemed worried.
After all, the lives of more than 20,000 people in this task force are in his hands. Faced with a terrifying and powerful legendary existence, a little carelessness may cause extremely serious consequences.
By then, even if your Excellency the Commander dies, he will not be able to atone for his sins.
But the Commander is undoubtedly an old cunning man. After talking about his worries for a while, he immediately changed the subject and complimented Wei Xiaobei, saying that Wei Xiaobei was the most outstanding young man in China in recent years.
Well, Wei Xiaobei knew that he could be regarded as an outstanding young man now, but his information in China was probably only circulated among the senior council members and even among the more powerful gray world practitioners.
Although your Excellency the Commander has a higher position, he is still in the Navy. I am afraid that he is not very clear about his own situation. At most, he only knows what some people say. Perhaps the most likely thing is that he saw himself coming from the sky and guessed about himself. Just stronger.
/But the most critical reason is that the Commander was ill and urgently sought medical treatment.
If it were not on the sea and it was difficult to attract strong men, then the Commander would probably attract everyone he saw!
It’s that simple, just being cannon fodder.
Wei Xiaobei did not try to expose the commander’s thoughts. After understanding the situation, he declined the commander’s banquet. After saying goodbye, he did not take a helicopter and went straight to the logistics support ship. See He looked at Xu Feiyang and saw that he was in good condition. Without saying much, he turned around and headed towards the crack.
The commander gave his approval to Wei Xiaobei’s behavior. Otherwise, Wei Xiaobei would probably have been attacked by alert anti-aircraft destroyers as soon as he took to the skies.
Of course, the result is very clear whether it can be defeated.
But in that case, Wei Xiaobei would always feel a little unhappy.
The location of the large crack is very clear, it is located more than 30 kilometers ahead and to the right of the task force.
More than thirty kilometers is the minimum safe distance maintained by the task force.
After all, if it is too close to that