gets closer to the critical point, the chance of escapees and advanced escapees becomes greater, and just like this, the gap between our country’s soul organizations and those of foreign countries becomes wider!”

Pei Jiao was really surprised. In fact, although he was called a high-level escaper, he was not actually a so-called escaper or a high-level escaper. He was probably a special soul with thunder and lightning powers, but His special soul is a little too special. Different from the escapers, the escapers and advanced escapers increase the strength of their souls on their own as time goes by, while ordinary free souls or special souls cannot do it on their own no matter what. To increase the strength of the soul, unless he eats the food transformed by obsession, he can increase the strength of the soul through meditation. This is different from the free souls and the free souls, so he does not know the freers and the advanced free souls. What’s going on.
Speaking of this, Gong Yeyu seemed to have burst out. His voice was as loud as a lion roaring and a dragon roaring. All the pedestrians outside the car covered their ears, and the glass of the sports car he was driving was shattered. , his unique domineering momentum burst out in all directions without any scruples. People who were closer to the sports car immediately trembled and fell to the ground. Maybe even they themselves were curious about why they were so scared. ?
Gong Yeyu exploded with momentum like this. He panted violently for a long time, and then slowly regained his momentum and said: “Sorry, I got a little carried away.” At this point, this man who always appeared with an arrogant and domineering image actually appeared at this moment. He felt a little depressed, but this made Pei Jiao even more shocked, because he had already seen from the data that a true demon-level strongman believed deeply in his own cause and deeply implemented his own way. Once he understood his own way, If you have doubts, you will immediately withdraw from the true demon level strength. Could it be that Gong Yeyu began to doubt his ways?
Pei Jiao looked at Gong Yeyu carefully, and he breathed a sigh of relief after a long time. The domineering aura still existed, but he restrained it. It seemed that Gong Yeyu did not doubt his own way, but was suspicious of certain people. Things produce disappointment.
The two of them just walked forward in silence, and the sports car also drove from the outskirts of Beijing into the city of Beijing. The road gradually became a little blocked. Pei Jiao didn’t know where the headquarters of the soul organization was, but the atmosphere was a bit dull at the moment. So he thought for a while and asked: “Why do you think of these? According to my understanding of you, you should not be a sentimental man. These problems are left to the higher-ups of the soul organization to worry about. You don’t need to worry about them.” This shakes one’s own way.”
/Gong Yeyu was silent for a long time, until the sports car was bl