he Weizhou science fiction forest.

And don’t forget it!
Huyan Dabo knows Chu Kuang so well!
With Chu Kuang’s acting style, I’m afraid that the other party so far has just tried his hand at science fiction!
Like Huyan Dabo and Chen Le, when “Wandering Blue Star” was released, too many people clicked to read it.
And while watching it.
The readers’ reaction was even more exaggerated than that of Huyan Dabo and Chen Le, especially those science fiction fans!
“It’s so daring to think!”
“This old thief’s imagination is beyond the sky!”
“The Wandering Blue Star Project, the changes in cosmic civilization, the epic grand background, and all kinds of astronomy knowledge that I don’t understand and have no ability to refute hit me in the face. It always hurts!”
“on purpose!”
“Old thief Jubi did it on purpose!”
/“If you don’t understand, just ask, is this considered hard science fiction?”
“I can only say that this wave of old thieves have really gotten tough (funny)”
“The distinction between hard science fiction and soft science fiction is inherently subjective. If you compare it to scientific papers, all science fiction novels are extremely soft. But when it comes to science fiction novels, this one is definitely very hard. I even despise it. It is so hard that it lacks micro-level descriptions and almost no decent characterization. It focuses on the human beings as a whole, but this shortcoming is greatly compensated at the end.”
“The ending is really shocking.”
“The sun explodes. Is this the old thief’s imagination?”
“This is not conjecture but has scientific basis. Just like what is written in the novel, the sun will enter the red giant stage in about five billion years. The helium core will shrink and heat up to resist gravity, and the hydrogen envelope close to the core will Fusion is accelerated due to temperature rise, and the resulting heat will continue to increase and be conducted to the outer layer to cause it to expand outward. When the temperature of the core reaches a certain limit, helium fusion will begin and burn to produce carbon.”
“Pfft, boss, take my knee!”
“What a hammer, sir. I just checked the encyclopedia on the Internet. I can’t say they are exactly the same, I can only say they are exactly the same. Also, isn’t it common sense that the sun will explode in the future?”
Before that.
Everyone is still debating whether Chu Kuang can write so-called hard science fiction.
The debate came to an end.
People’s focus has completely revolved around the content of the novel itself.
Especially those readers who like science fiction are as excited as if they have discovered a new world!
Got slapped in the face by an old thief with hard science fiction?
Chu Kuang’s readers said:
got used to!
Although some netizens can’t help but mutter a few words:
“This guy can really write.”
“Hitting readers in the face is probably his biggest motivation for writing.”
“I was a little disappointed at the beginning. I felt that the old thief was adding too much popular scien