al arts secrets.

This plot is so simple and crude that it makes me doubt my life.
Only “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is so perfect in my opinion.
The most powerful warriors serve the country and the people. On a larger scale, the plot is far-reaching and on a smaller scale, the characters are fleshed out. All the martial arts in Blue Star seem stingy in front of this film.
Obviously “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” comes first, why is this one the most highly rated?
On second thought, I felt that my requirements were too high.
Even my various criticisms of the latter two books cannot hide the fact that the quality of those two books has surpassed Blue Star’s other martial arts novels.
/But the problem is:
Chu Kuang’s new book will also write about martial arts. Judging from the level of the last two books of his Condor Shooting Trilogy, can he really beat Lu Yang who has returned from writing?
I’m not a fan of Lu Yang.
On the contrary, I prefer Chu Kuang.
I just want Da Da to understand: Chu Kuang’s three martial arts books are constantly regressing. One of the so-called trilogy can be said to be weaker than the other, but you can’t blame him for this.
Because since Chu Kuang wrote the book “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, he has already stood on the top of the martial arts mountain.
After that it’s all downhill.
As a perfect work, The Condor cannot be surpassed!
I’m just wondering, why is Chu Kuang’s new book still about martial arts?
As far as I know, he is also good at all kinds of unexpected subjects.
Those who stand at the top of martial arts have already experienced all the beautiful scenery in the martial arts world. Wouldn’t it be nice to change the subject? After all, with the level of the last two parts of his trilogy, it is really difficult to face Lu Yang at his peak, unless he Can grow wings and fly from the top of the mountain to the sky.
/But that’s not martial arts anymore.
This kind of fantasy thing can’t happen. ”
This Internet celebrity is really not a black guy.
As he said, he has always liked Chu Kuang.
Including his past updates, he has recommended Chu Kuang’s novels more than once.
In particular, “Journey to the West” was regarded as a supreme classic by him, and he once crazily promoted it to readers in the capital.
It is precisely for this reason that his decline this time not only surprised many people, but also aroused many people’s thinking.
“That’s true.”
“The Condor Trilogy is indeed wonderful, but it cannot hide the fact that one of the three novels is not as good as the other.”
“Especially in “Eternal Dragon Sword”, you can feel that Chu Kuang has completely mastered the martial arts creative skills, but there are not many memorable and shocking plots. On the contrary, the first two movies have many impressive ones. place.”
“So, the old thief is going to lose?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, I have been a fan of the old thief for so many years, and he has never lost in a ring.”
“That’s your habitual thinking. What was the level of Chu Kuang’s previo