tar” together before, and both gave high praise at the time. , and also recommend their respective fans

And today.
/Huyan Dabo also watched “I, Robot”.
Huyan Dabo’s reaction was the same as Chen Le’s. He believed that the three laws of robots completely unified the Blue Star robot novels!
“Chen Le explained the three great laws of robots very well.
Let me talk to you about why this novel rule can shock everyone!
Because the Three Laws of Robotics proposed by Chu Kuang are actually the main guiding principles of many ethical systems in the world.
Needless to say.
And every ‘good person’ with a social conscience and a sense of responsibility will theoretically obey the appropriate authority;
Listen to his doctor, boss, government, psychiatrist, and colleagues;
And abide by the law and discipline, follow the rules
even if it affects his own comfort or safety
The three laws represent human nature.
Humans have humanity, and so do robots.
Humanity is just a noun, it represents respect for life, compassion and love.
As a fan of Chu Kuang, I actually prefer all the subjects written by Chu Kuang, except science fiction. After all, everyone knows that I am quite good at writing science fiction, probably similar to Fan Chong.
But this time I fell in love with Chu Kuang’s science fiction.
The fact that the entire science fiction community has to admit is what Chen Le mentioned. The three laws of robots are of epoch-making significance for science fiction. If I write about robots in the future, I will definitely follow the three laws. ”
Chen Le is a first-line science fiction writer in Weizhou.
Huyan Dabo is a top science fiction writer in Weizhou.
The former’s speech may not be persuasive and influential.
But Huyan Dabo and Fan Chong are science fiction writers at the same level. Even science fiction writers who don’t like Chu Kuang will recognize his speech, let alone the other party doesn’t explain it so thoroughly. Blue Star science fiction writers already understand that Robot Three What does the Great Law mean?
this moment.
The science fiction community fell silent.
On the contrary, readers who had not fully understood the three laws of robots before finally realized what a great initiative Chu Kuang had made!
“I understand now!”
“Based on Huyan Dabo’s explanation and looking back at the three laws and the nine stories in the novel, I can understand the true horror of Chu Kuang!”
“A law that is almost impossible to overturn!”
“The programmer said: The three laws are like the computer’s tcp/ip protocol.”
“Robots were born and exist because of this. Of course, there is no such thing as betraying humans.”
“Good guy.”
“Then the novel written by Fan Chong was completely rejected by Chu Kuang, but Fan Chong still couldn’t find a point to refute it?”
“Then give me a spanking!”
The three laws are not impeccable.
But just think about the laws in reality.
Humans will abide by the law, but there are always people trying to break the rules. The three laws are the laws of robots, and of cours