ng for a while last night. His new book is almost finished and he showed me some contents. It’s not simple.”

“Then let them fight.”
“I, Lao Xu, am the goalkeeper in the top ten. It seems like we are the only ones in the top ten, but with each ranking, if you want to take a step forward, the difficulty will increase exponentially.”
Chu Kuang is like a catfish.
The entire Blue Star literary world was stirred up by him!
at home.
Lin Yuan received blessings from Jin Mu and the chairman, and his family was also very happy.
“This friend Xiaoyuan is really awesome!”
“That’s right, Chu Kuang has always been the uncrowned king in our Silver Blue Library, and the performance of many departments depends on him.”
“Brother, please come on too.”
“I’m always working hard.”
“Eat cans.”
Lin Yuan directly bribed Anji who wanted to leak the secret.
The people who know his secret, besides Kaneki and the chairman, should be Anji.
After all, Lin Yuan did not avoid Antarctica when he was coding.
After successfully buying Antarctica.
My sister suddenly looked forward to it and said:
“Currently, the most important lists are writers and paintings. Chu Kuang has been promoted to one rank in the writer list, but the painting list remains the same. However, I read that there are rumors on the Internet that the Blue Star Film and Television List will be out soon. This is Blue Star’s official recognition. In addition to music, Xiaoyuan has also made many movies, so he is expected to be on the list, and maybe even get a good ranking.”
Movie and TV list?
This is one of the most important art categories.
Blue Star has been talking about the “Top Ten Arts” in recent years:
Literature, music, film, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, drama, dance, architecture and games.
Of course this is just a folk saying.
There are controversies about games and calligraphy.
Games, in particular, are a category that has only been included in recent years, and the literary and art association may not recognize them.
/Film and television are one of the major art categories, and the literary and art association will definitely recognize it.
To know.
Although the Literary and Art Association has released a bunch of lists, the most valuable ones have to be these art forms that are most recognized by the people of Blue Star.
My mother lamented: “The film and television lists are probably as important as literature and painting.”
Dayao Yao next to him interjected:
“On the contrary, the importance of lists such as dance and games will decrease. Although people from all over the world are discussing large art categories, games are too commercial, and dance feels a little less interesting. It will be the most important top art in the future. The list must also include music, painting, literature, and even film and television and other mainstream arts that cover Blue Star.”
Movie and TV list!
Listening to his family’s discussion, Lin Yuan, who was still struggling with what to do next after finishing writing the Harry Potter series, s