He didn’t believe that Lin Yuan was a person who knew nothing about film shooting!

Someone who doesn’t understand movies can’t write a script like that.
This is Shen Qing’s intuitive feeling after reading the script of “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”.
Regardless of the content of the script, in terms of standardization and completeness, there is nothing wrong with Lin Yuan’s script.
If there is any problem, it’s probably that Lin Yuan’s script is too detailed, so detailed that he even storyboarded it in advance.
And as far as Lin Yuan’s storyboards are concerned, not only is the professionalism unsatisfactory, but even the painter stunned Shen Qing.
It was hard for him to imagine that a composer could draw the storyboards so beautifully!
This is why Shen Qing thinks Lin Yuan is amazing.
It is said that Representative Lin understands film creation, why is he still reading the most basic books?
But if you want to say that Representative Lin doesn’t understand anything, how did a professional script like “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance” come about?
Not to mention that as a screenwriter, Representative Lin actually knows how to draw, which is obviously a basic skill for many directors.
In fact, Lin Yuan was also surprised by the completeness of System’s script, from the content to the storyboards to some details.
/Lin Yuan just wrote and drew the script and storyboards that the system had engraved in his mind.
Writing is naturally easy, Lin Yuan’s hand speed is so fast, all he needs is a hand.
Painting is not difficult, Lin Yuan is already at the level of a professional painter.
If it really compares to painting, he can probably crush more than 90% of directors’ painting skills.
After he and Shen Qing greeted each other, they started chatting .
“There is no problem with the overall continuity of the current plot, but the handling of some places is too…”
“Yes, that’s what it means.”
The so-called “nonsensical” is actually a description in Qi language, which means that a person’s actions and words are difficult to understand and have no center. His language and behavior have no clear purpose, are vulgar and casual, and complain randomly, but he still has a way of barely being able to do so. Self-justifying logic.
“That’s the style of this movie.”
Lin Yuan still values ​​​​the great housekeeper, so he was very patient in explaining: “The whole movie is based on this nonsensical world view. Older audiences may not be able to accept this style, but some Young people definitely understand better.”
Shen Qing, who is thirty-eight years old this year, was silent for a few seconds.
He quickly gave up the idea of ​​persuading Lin Yuan to change the script: “What about the director’s choice?”
“Is there a list?”
“There is a rough list, but none of them are famous directors. The relatively mature directors have all gone to the “Thunderstorm” crew to learn from their experience.”
“Give it to me first.”
Who the director is may be important to other crews, but with Lin Yuan,