levators in total. The first floor was just for entry, the second floor was Qin Yanan’s suite, and the third floor led to the private viewing platform.

“Why are you interested in coming together today?” Qin Yanan had already received Zhu Juntang’s message on the way. After washing, she changed into a light green skirt.
The green knotted buttons are delicate and elegant, and the skirt as light as tulle is dyed with patches. Clusters of bamboo leaves cover the white lining. They flutter like the wind when walking. Her long hair is loose and she has cut fluffy bangs. It has a pure and light feeling, as if it should be a person living alone, and when you see it, you will suspect that it is the peerless elegance of an immortal.
Qin Yanan is indeed beautiful. Although her eyes, eyebrows and feet are often a little cold and arrogant, when she faces familiar people, she naturally turns into a smile.
“We are suddenly interested in the pop music of the 1930s and 1940s, and we want to chat with you.” Zhu Juntang felt that his opening remarks were very skillful. He could not only test whether Qin Yanan was Ye Sijin now, but also start to test her further. topic, or stimulate her to have some abnormal situation.
“Ah?” Qin Yanan looked at Zhu Juntang suspiciously, you seem tone-deaf, right?
“Zhu Juntang saw you sleepwalking last night and suspected that Ye Sijin had possessed you.” Liu Changan said straight to the point.
Zhu Juntang hurriedly covered Liu Changan’s mouth and stamped his feet anxiously, “How can you say it directly? If you say it directly, if she is Ye Sijin, she will pretend to be Qin Yanan to avoid exposing herself.”
“Are you crazy?” Qin Yanan glared at Zhu Juntang angrily.
Zhu Juntang recognized this look and breathed a sigh of relief. Liu Changan said with certainty: “It’s Qin Yanan. If she were her great-grandmother, she would definitely not roll her eyes so rudely.”
Liu Changan opened Zhu Juntang’s hand. His fingers were white and soft, like white jade jelly beans.
“But, you said I sleepwalked last night?” Qin Yanan knew that Zhu Juntang and Liu Changan were here on an appointment, so they must have gone to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing.
“Yes.” Zhu Juntang also admitted that Liu Changan, a pig teammate, had already revealed his intentions, so he had no choice but to get straight to the point.
Fortunately, now she has confirmed that it is Qin Yanan. As for what Liu Changan said about Ye Sijin’s soul being impossible to survive, she has forgotten it. Seeing is believing, isn’t it? Liu Changan may also make mistakes. Even though he is a fairy, he often makes mistakes!
“I have a problem with sleepwalking.” Qin Yanan sighed softly, “It’s been a bit frequent recently. Did I scare you last night?”
“She said that you acted very much like Ye Sijin last night, with similar facial expressions and facial expressions, and you even sang “Rose Rose I Love You”.” Liu Changan continued.
/Zhu Juntang discovered that Liu Changan really had no speaking skills at all. If he talked about things like this, noth