s’ extraordinary vehicle. A large number of weapons have no operators, so they have not been activated. Only two hundred defensive missile launch systems and two hundred anti-aircraft rapid-fire cannons can be used. This is because these are all equipped with large-scale weapons. ‘Intelligent core’ to control the reasons.

For example, a hundred Gauss cannons were not turned on at all because there were no operators, and even the bomb bays were empty.
Otherwise, David can use the Gauss cannon to give Heiss Chaofan some color. The two heavy laser cannons will not be able to hit Hess Chaofan when Hess Chaofan is vigilant.
/David shook his head helplessly, not expecting that this large battleship did not have suitable attack weapons.
Heisi Chaofan was very angry, but he could only look at the Heisi going away, but could not catch up.
“David, you can’t escape, I will make your life worse than death!” Hes Chaofan said hatefully.
He knew that this must have been done by David. David had some weird means, otherwise how could he have accomplished so many incomprehensible achievements.
“Leave here immediately!” Heisi landed on the ground and ordered loudly.
Several soldiers recovered the tent and divided it into several parts, which were carried by six soldiers. These soldiers did not ask much about the Heisi. They could also see that Heisi Chaofan was in a bad mood. No one was there at this time. It will rub him the wrong way.
Just one minute later, eighteen soldiers and Heisi Chaofan disappeared from this area.
As soon as Kenny Chaofan returned to the academy, he immediately contacted Principal Lake Chaofan through interstellar communication. Principal Lake Chaofan heard the news and passed through the portal.
They arrived here almost without stopping for a moment, only to find that the place was already deserted.
“In order to save me, David sniped Heis Chaofan, and then Heis Chaofan went after him. Maybe David has been captured by Heis Chaofan!” Kenny Chaofan said in annoyance.
He felt guilty for his recklessness. If he hadn’t wanted to clean up all the intruders, this would have happened.
David’s identity bracelet could not be connected, and David did not return to the academy base. He thought something must have happened.
“Don’t worry, since Heiss is going to trade David and me for the ‘pregnancy crystal’, nothing will happen to David in a short time!” Principal Lake Chaofan said in a deep voice.
“But the principal doesn’t have a ‘pregnancy crystal’ in his hand. What will he give in exchange for David?” Kenny Chaofan shook his head and said.
“As long as I see Hess, regardless of whether it is his turn or not, I will invite a few friends to join me in taking action so that he has no way to escape!” Principal Lake said with a flash of murderous intent in Chaofan’s eyes.
/Kenny’s Chaofan eyes flashed with joy. He knew very well which Chaofan friends the principal Lake Chaofan mentioned.
Chaofan who can be invited by Principal Lake Chaofan to take action together is a strong person on the same level as Lake C