e strange situations with unknown motives.

Qilingos is a Sequence 6 “Wind Blessed”, and he also possesses the magical item “Creeping Hunger”. Only a high-Sequence powerhouse known as “demigod, half human” can kill him quickly without leaving any trace. Or, using a sealed item that is rumored to be extremely dangerous.
No matter which possibility it is, it is enough to show that Mr. Fool’s followers are extremely powerful.
Worthy of being Mr. Fool
No matter what, I have provided a clue. Mr. “The Hanged Man” will have to fulfill his promise and give me the pituitary gland of the Colorful Lizard.
Chillingus, one of the seven pirate generals, died as a result
Seeing that his daughter was a little excited in her thoughts, Earl Hall, who was also a handsome man when he was young, coughed lightly and warned more seriously:
/“Audrey, I know that you are very interested in things in the mysterious field, and I usually indulge you, but you must not get involved in this matter, not even asking. You will be led by the queen at the end of the year. Formal introduction into social situations, as an adult, you should know and remember that a terrifying Beyonder, or a secretive, powerful organization, often equals danger, do you understand?”
“I know, Dad.\
“It’s not okay to be curious.” After Earl Hall emphasized this sentence, he couldn’t help but smile helplessly.
“Yeah,” Audrey nodded obediently.
Anyway, I know the whole thing better than you do. She grimaced in her mind.
Earl Hall thought for a moment and smiled gently:
“No matter what, you are the hero tonight and the savior of Duke Negan. At least half of Qilingos’s death is attributable to you, and the same goes for the bounty. Of course, if no one admits that he killed Qilin Gus, claim responsibility for this matter and take the initiative to collect the bounty, and the remaining half will also belong to you, adding up to a total of 10,000 gold pounds.”
“Well, you can also send people to collect the bounties set up by countries and organizations such as the Republic of Intis and the Feysac Empire. If converted, it should be 20,000 gold pounds.”
“Duke Negan just promised to give you his holiday estate in Disi Bay, which includes a large rubber forest. I don’t know the details of the annual income, but it will definitely not be low. He originally spent 8,000 I bought it with gold pounds, and subsequently built houses and purchased good seeds.”
Audrey already has a fortune of 300,000 pounds, which is enough to be called rich, but a reward that is close to or even exceeds 40,000 pounds is still a huge income for her. The dowries of many noble ladies cannot reach this level. number.
In a marriage between a nobleman and a businessman in August, Miss Mary Oldbury, the daughter of a millionaire, was given a dowry of 80,000 gold pounds.
“I didn’t even think about the bounty,” Audrey whispered heartily.
Suddenly, she thought of something. If she went to collect the bounty and let her reputation spread, then the “Hanged Man” could easily determine who “Justice” was.