for others to survive? Klein’s mouth moved and he could hardly keep his smile.

“Tell me more about it.” He changed the subject.
Leppard led Klein to the rough metal thing, opened the door and said:
“It’s transportation that doesn’t require horses.”
“The driver sat in the front left, constantly stepping on the pedals, connecting the four wheels through levers, chains, etc., to make them roll forward. On the wheels, I used rubber inflatables, which will make the driving smoother. ”
Therefore, the rickshaw Klein couldn’t help but complain.
He considered and said:
“Such a huge car, with at least four passengers, probably won’t be able to travel far by just relying on people.”
“This is exactly my next goal, to reduce the weight and increase the leverage. But my financial situation is no longer optimistic and I cannot support more attempts.” Leppard looked at Klein hopefully.
“Why not consider other methods, such as using steam as power?” Klein slowly organized his words.
Leppard shook his head: “Someone has already invented this, but it is very large and has difficulty driving on many streets.”
This is what Klein was waiting for:
“Then, why don’t you make a simpler one, for example, one with only two wheels, can only carry one person, and no outer shell.”
“You mean the bicycle type?” Leppard asked as if thinking.
On Russell’s manuscript, Klein nodded solemnly:
“Those bicycles invented by others are not very practical. Simplifying this one seems to work, but it is indeed different. But who will buy it?” Leppard said to himself.
Klein gave the direction without hesitation:
“There are many postmen, working class people with some savings, and businessmen who don’t need much dignity but can save money in Backlund.”
Leppard thought for a while, nodded slightly and said:
“I could give it a try, but I don’t have the money to buy parts.”
“I invest 100 gold pounds in you. With the suggestion I just made, I will occupy a total of 10% of the shares.” Klein hesitated whether to say 10% of the shares or 15%. After all, 100 pounds is not strictly speaking too much. .
“You can hold 35% of the shares, but only for the bicycle project you described,” Leppard said first, fearing that the other party would make too high a request.
“Deal” Klein immediately smiled and said, “Let’s draft a simple contract first to finalize this matter. I will then find a solicitor to make a formal contract and add some detailed clauses. For example, if someone else invests , you must get my consent first.”
“No problem.” Leppard replied impatiently, just wanting to buy parts quickly.
In the gloom brought by the continuous rain, Klein returned to Minsk Street in the Jowood District.
He entered the house and went straight to the bathroom on the first floor, where he solved the bulging problem of his lower abdomen comfortably.
As the sound of water echoed, Klein bent down and washed his hands.
At this moment, a picture suddenly appeared in his mind:
/The mirror reflected him with his head lowered, a dim environment, and