Donate one million to the foundation, and together with three female classmates, pass on the love forever.”

Donate one million to the foundation, and together with three female classmates, pass on the love forever.”
Opening your mouth is a sample of a publicity announcement, with clear logic, clear organization, complete reasoning and law, if it were replaced by others, it might be Xu Fuyan was impressed, but what happened to Wen Liang was a matter of course and not worth mentioning.
Xu Fuyan thought for a moment, relaxed his brows, and said, “Okay, in order to support your company, I even sent my daughter to the battle. Don’t you think, Mr. Wen, that one million is too little?” Wen
Liang grinned, his flesh aching. “What does Secretary Xu mean?”
“There is still a little funding gap for the development of Dongcheng District. Let’s see if your company can think of a way.”
The two people’s titles unexpectedly became “Mr. Wen” and “Secretary Xu”. It shows that from this moment on, each other’s status and cognition have changed. They are no longer “Uncle Xu” and “Xiao Liang”, no longer elders and juniors, but equal exchanges and mutually respectful cooperation.
/In fact, it is because of the real estate downturn in recent years that the development of Dongcheng District in Qingzhou has become financially tight. If it were left to later generations, which old city reconstruction project would not be a gluttonous feast? Just like a fly smelling shit, how many people are squeezing their heads in fear of not being able to get a piece of the pie. How can there be such a pitiful thing like the secretary of the municipal party committee asking for alms in person?
Based on Wen Liang’s knowledge, if he had the will, if he took over the renovation rights of Dongcheng District at this time, there would be a very considerable return within five years. However, he had never been interested in the construction industry, or he had no interest in it. He is willing to waste his youth in this industry full of unspoken rules, and his funds are limited, and he has no extra money to invest in this bottomless pit.
“If I remember correctly, wasn’t Minghua Group responsible for that area in Dongcheng District? Why, the richest man in Jiangdong is also starting to be short of money?”
Xu Fuyan couldn’t hear the ridicule in Wen Liang’s words. I just knew that he and Gu Shi shared a deep hatred, so he didn’t mind this little arrogance. He shook his head and said: “Urban reconstruction is a very large project. No company can finish it in one go. Except for Minghua, there are also Other companies are doing it. But again, the project is too big and there are still some gaps. If you are interested, you might as well get involved. After all, it is a good thing that benefits the country and the people!”
At this point, Wen Liang really couldn’t refuse. , but Yishan Pure Water is about to go online, and he really doesn’t have the energy to open up another front. Especially the construction industry has to deal with too many government departments, and just dealing with people alone will tire out so many brain cells. It’s very boring. He ponde