s for Lu Huang, I will take it for you and will stop him!” In the deep sky, the voice of the mysterious Holy Saint came.

“Thank you, senior!” Long Wenming almost shed tears, full of gratitude and emotion. At this juncture, the True Saint came to help him save his life. This is really a big kindness.
If the other party doesn’t stand up and tell the story of the kindness he received from Dragon Saint in the past, who will know and who can blame him?
“Today, he cannot pass this hurdle and cannot live to become a true saint.” From outside, another true saint came and spoke.
Moreover, at this time, a large bow appeared, as if it was going to completely cover the entire sea of ??origin. The hazy and huge figure began to bend the bow and aim it at this place.
An arrow shot through the starry sky, coming with the power of endless years to kill Long Wenming.
He is the true saint of Time Heaven!
/“Originally, it has nothing to do with me. Lu Huang and I have nothing to do with each other. However, if you take action from Guangguangtian, then I will have a hand in it!” At this time, a vague figure appeared and slashed at the Arrow of Time with a palm knife. go.
The arrow feathers, which came from outside the world and illuminated the sea of ??stars in the universe, exploded with a bang and were slashed by the vague palm sword.
“Wujie Mountain itself cannot be protected. It is destined to perish. How dare you come to meddle in other people’s affairs!” The True Saint of Time Sky said coldly, and he bent his bow and arrow again.
In the mother universe, the umbrella of eternal silence is falling. This phenomenon will continue to expand and will eventually be everywhere.
Obviously, different corrupt universes, different remote places, the darkest moments and rhythms, etc. are all different.
Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun walked in the heavy fog, silently comprehending something, and they were glowing dimly. They were not afraid of eternal silence, their bones were flawless, and their spirits were like the blazing sun.
“In the last century, there was a rumor that Dalang abducted the old demon’s daughter. It’s really worrying. Why bother with his family? If you go there in the future, you have to bring a large amount of betrothal gift. .”
Wang Zesheng spoke, and then, through the fog, he looked somewhere in the old land.
At this moment, the mother universe’s most precious life pool suddenly woke up and felt a chill. Then it looked back and was suddenly moved when it saw the two people.
“Is it appropriate to give it away as a helmet? Back then, Dalang wanted to wear it on his head and cross the sea.” Wang Zesheng was thinking about it and discussing with Jiang Yun.
“?” Life Pool had just revived. After hearing this, he suddenly looked confused.
Shengshengchi asked ten questions in his heart, what was Lao Wang talking about?
Immediately, it completely revived and came back to its senses. It was really unreasonable. Did Wang Zesheng mean to give it away as a betrothal gift?
It immediately became angry. It was a treasure,