ine sounds, and flowing chaotic matter. He further unlocked this things.

At the same time, he also activated the grass vine, letting it rain down with the dark mace, and then he dived directly forward.
With a bang, the fangs and big sticks surged and pierced the sky. The grass and vines were suspended on top of it, followed by the expansion of Tao Yun. It was said to cover up its energy, but in fact it was blessing. The two holy objects were revived in all directions at the same time and exploded. Power.
/In the end, the mace was far thicker than the mountain, and Wang Xuan blasted forward!
There is no huge city guarding here, and the defeated army is on the way to escape, not entering the dilapidated city near the light wall.
This blow caused horrific consequences, as if the world was destroyed. Light rain poured down, chaotic matter flowed, and mysterious words filled the sky, covering it all at once.
Puff puff
Below, various monsters and prowlers were killed in unknown numbers, and they exploded into blood mist. After being defeated, they really disappeared and would not be resurrected in hell.
A city lord-level figure came over to kill him. He was an awakened one. He roared angrily and showed his ability to break the limit five times. He was an extremely powerful person in the True Immortal area.
“The resurrected Lord of the Giant City?” Zhang Jiaozhen said. He knew very well that this was a regional overlord, a monster at the end of the true immortal world.
“It’s okay, it’s nothing.” Wang Xuan greeted him.
“Roar!” Naturally, there was more than one city lord, six of them rushed over at once, causing Leader Zhang’s pupils to shrink sharply.
In the same field, these six city lords are the only ones who have reached the end of the road. When they reach the forbidden area of ????the True Immortal, they cannot climb any higher.
“You don’t even have a sacred object, how dare you compete with me?” Wang Xuan asked.
Even Fudaoniu was very stubborn and said confidently: “Xiao Niu is willing to take the responsibility of clearing the way. I am invincible in the realm of true immortals. Well, the master is transcendent!”
Then, Leader Zhang saw that this person rushed over wildly on horseback. Those people could not stop them at all. In the dazzling light and the terrifying fluctuations, the texture of the imperial way spread.
In the battlefield, blood shot into the sky, and a city lord was beaten to death!
Lao Zhang rubbed his face and felt a little numb. Although this was a true immortal level battle, he could make an analogy. Among the city lords in the super world area, which one is a soft persimmon? All extremely dangerous.
When Youchao Juese saw six city lords besieging Wang Xuan, he thought he had an opportunity and counterattacked. However, he was completely confused. After one person and one cavalry charged, half of the city lords were gone!
There was lightning and thunder, spells bloomed, and a large number of prowlers and monsters exploded. All six city lords were killed in a short time,