is flight speed.

Not long after, with a violent sonic boom, a sonic boom cloud appeared in front of the fighter jet, and then the huge inertia pressed the pilot tightly against the backrest.
Until the pilot calmed down slightly and saw the situation in the back seat, he couldn’t help but be extremely surprised.
Mr. Wei didn’t look uncomfortable at all, and he even looked leisurely and elegantly at the white clouds passing rapidly outside.
Isn’t Mr. Wei’s physique too good?
Of course, the pilot strictly obeyed the orders of his superiors and did not disturb Wei Xiaobei.
It didn’t take long for the fighter jet to fly out of the coastline and head towards the deep sea.
This flight was arranged by Xu Feiyang for Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei just wanted to rush to the waters near Java Kingdom as soon as possible.
But what he didn’t expect was that the fighter jet finally landed on an aircraft carrier, surrounded by destroyers.
These huge steel behemoths on the sea, slowly advancing on the sea, will give people an inexplicable sense of violent shock.
So spectacular.
Although China does not have as many aircraft carriers as the United States, it still has as many as nine.
But the problem is, for this matter, even the aircraft carrier was sent out? Isn’t this a bit too enthusiastic?
/Well, in fact, Wei Xiaobei himself overthought this issue.
After getting off the plane and the receptionist came over, Wei Xiaobei asked and found out that this aircraft carrier fleet was not specifically here to pick him up. They were on a mission, and their fighter jets were refueled on this offshore platform.
After Wei Xiaobei found out, he couldn’t help but feel lucky that he didn’t say it out loud, otherwise, it would have been too embarrassing.
From the direction in which this aircraft carrier fleet was heading, Wei Xiaobei could almost tell that it was headed for Java.
As for the mission carried out, it should not be kept secret. The officer who received Wei Xiaobei did not keep it secret either and just said it directly.
Go to Java to evacuate overseas Chinese.
For the world’s major powers, every time a danger or war occurs in some countries or regions and affects their citizens, they will dispatch warships to evacuate their citizens.
Of course, this is also a concrete manifestation of the strong strength of our country.
China has evacuated its citizens several times before, such as when a major earthquake broke out in Dallas, and armed factional conflicts broke out in the Odo region.
Obviously, China’s evaluation of the invasion of Java monsters is in a serious state this time, so it dispatched warships from thousands of miles away to carry out evacuation operations.
Not long after, the fighter oil was refilled.
This time, Wei Xiaobei did not sit in the cockpit, but sat directly on the back of the fighter jet.
“This won’t work.”
Before the pilot could express his opinion, the ground crew on the aircraft carrier expressed disapproval.
Are you kidding me? Did you think you were riding a horse?
Sitting on a fighter