be reflected by a ‘Gold Star’ medal.

David’s military exploits this time are still a little short of the title of ‘National Scholar’. This is mainly due to the military level of the guardian star. If placed on the battle star, such military exploits would be enough.
The most important thing is that the title of ‘National Scholar’ will not be awarded to non-military personnel, so Froude made extraordinary use of his connections to suppress David’s military exploits. He did not reward him immediately, but waited until David entered the army. , David can quickly accumulate the military exploits required for the title of ‘National Scholar’.
Although Froude Chaofan did not mention the title of ‘National Scholar’ during the conversation, his meaning was very obvious.
David is no stranger to the title of ‘National Scholar’. His father, Hans, holds the title of ‘National Scholar’, which is the highest honor in the Federation.
“Thank you!” David said sincerely.
The title of ‘National Scholar’ is a protective umbrella. Under this protective umbrella, few people dare to touch those who hold the title of ‘National Scholar’.
Because the title of ‘National Soldier’ ??is the highest honor given by the Federation to military personnel with outstanding military exploits, neither the military nor the federal government will tolerate anyone who offends those with the title of ‘National Soldier’.
“Okay, I have explained everything I need to explain. Contact me when you have the opportunity to go to Yam Star in the future. We will have another day to get together!” Frudd Chaofan drank the last bit of wine in the glass and stood up. .
Without waiting for David to speak, he waved to David and strode out of the box.
David vaguely saw the sparkle in Frude Chaofan’s eyes. Perhaps Frude Chaofan just didn’t want him to see his gaffe. Today was Frudd Chaofan’s last day on the Guardian Star.
David did not send Frudd to the extraordinary. A powerful extraordinary does not need sympathy, even if he is disabled.
David casually opened the box on the table. In the box were thirty crystals shining with green light. These crystals contained energy that David was very familiar with. It was the energy possessed by every extraordinary person. force’.
/The high-speed spacecraft left the guardian star. David did not drive the high-speed spacecraft. It was completely operated automatically by the intelligent system on the high-speed spacecraft.
From the guardian star to the nearest portal, you must fly on the prescribed route, otherwise you will be destroyed by the fleet blocking space.
After David asked for leave from Lake Chaofan, he received an authorization, which included the authorization to use this route and the portal.
Spaceships that dare to fly in this space without authorization are either on non-route routes and do not receive corresponding safety guarantees, and are destroyed by the Zerg, or they are close to the route and are destroyed by military fleets.
Compared to the Rock Star, the space here is more tense.
David would enc