“You, you didn’t go see the teacher first when you came back, instead you asked the teacher to see you first!” Hans shook his head and scolded.
David shrugged helplessly. He was also going to see Galen Chaofan, but he was just planning to finish his work here.
/“Just in time, let him see my new exoskeleton armor and sniper rifle!” Hans immediately changed his expression and said with a trace of pride on his face.
Then Hans put on the exoskeleton armor, carried ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ behind his back, waved to David, and got off the spacecraft together.
The ‘Black Ghost’ was parked not far away. Since there was no room available at the door of David’s house, the ‘Black Ghost’ was parked on the opposite side of the road. At this moment, Galen Chaofan was getting off the ‘Black Ghost’.
He immediately saw Hans, who was wearing an exoskeleton armor and carrying ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ on his back.
The surprise on Galen’s extraordinary face could not be concealed, because this meant that Hans’ body had recovered.
How could Hans’s disability be so easy to recover from? If it were so easy to recover, he would have helped Hans get the medicine a long time ago.
Galen Chaofan turned to look at David. He knew without asking that Hans’ recovery was related to David.
“Galen, how about my exoskeleton armor? And this sniper rifle, do you recognize it?” Hans greeted Galen with a smile and began to show off his equipment.
At this time, Hans seemed to have returned to his youth, his disability was removed, and his youth had returned to him.
“Haiyi’s limited edition exoskeleton armor, ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’, David has put all his wealth on you!” Galen Chaofan saw the equipment on Hans clearly and couldn’t help but said in surprise.
You must know that the ‘extraordinary armor’ on Galen Chaofan’s body is only made of second-grade materials, and the weapons are also second-grade weapons. Its value is almost the same as the one on Hans, or even less.
“This is nothing compared to David’s net worth!” Hans replied with a smile. He turned to David and said, “David, didn’t you want to prepare a gift for your teacher?”
“Uncle Galen, I have prepared a gift for you too!” David said with a smile, then pointed to the high-speed spacecraft and said: “It’s right here, come in together!”
/“This is Esmond’s extraordinary car, right? It’s spread all over the battlefield among extraordinary people!” Galen Chaofan looked at the high-speed spacecraft parked in front of him and said with a smile.
His disciple killed Esmond Chaofan and took the opponent’s car as his own. Even the legendary destruction of Batu Energy Company was related to David. Galen Chaofan was full of pride.
In a war zone, only the strong deserve respect, and the weak do not deserve sympathy if they are bullied.
“Uncle Galen will give it to you if you like it!” David said nonchalantly.
In fact, this high-speed spacecraft has really limited effect on David. He just did not send his spacecraft to the guardian planet.
Now with his wealth, it is not difficult to deliver the ‘Raze