r, but the thing under his crotch became abnormal. He had to avoid his ears and eyes, and used his right hand fiercely. He pinched his thigh hard, and the strange feeling just subsided under the severe pain.

Well, after going around for a long time, it turns out that’s the case.
/No wonder Tushan wanted to come in on his own, and his ultimate goal was still here.
Well, Wei Xiaobei also knows how heavy his fist is, and coupled with the special evil-killing effect of the electric current, the injuries suffered by this little fox girl are not just as simple as breaking a few bones!
To put it bluntly, more than 70% of the demonic energy was dispersed. As for the charm that failed, the soul was injured by it, which is what it should be.
In this way, it is normal that this little fox girl is still awake and cannot recover from her injuries.
When he thought of being an elder, and seeing a stunningly beautiful, delicate and charming beauty asking her politely, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t refuse and could only nod.
However, by this time, Wei Xiaobei felt a little strange. Facing this six-tailed demon fox, his perseverance and strong will were able to completely resist the opponent’s charm.
But the Tushan family in front of him didn’t even have any charm, so why did he just nod his head obediently and agree?
The elders in the family are certainly a reason, but they are not the main reason.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei nodding in agreement, Tushan quickly said with joy, “Sir, please treat me quickly.”
Well, after just a few words, Tu Shan’s name for Wei Xiaobei changed from Mr. Wei to Mr., and the standard was raised to a higher level.
You know, in ancient times, the word “Mr.” was not used casually.
/In ancient times, some people called their mentors Sir, some people called those with high knowledge, some older people, etc.
But in the final analysis, calling the other person Mr. puts yourself on a lower level.
For a being like Tu Shan, doing this is not an ordinary thing.
At least in Tu Shan’s mind, Wei Xiaobei’s status was not low.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei had not thought about this issue at all at this time, and since he nodded in agreement, he would not deliberately delay the time.
Well, treating a fox?
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while, then stretched out his right hand and grabbed one of the little fox’s front paws. He closed his eyes slightly and carefully felt the other person’s pulse.
“You can’t tell if it’s slow. It takes a long time to come and it’s the pulse of the generation. The qi is weak and severe, and the pregnancy is the same as the vitality.”
After more than ten breaths, Wei Xiaobei was thinking about how to treat him, but he inadvertently recited a pulse rhythm song.
Hearing this, Mr. Tu Shan next to him couldn’t help but tense up, but he was filled with admiration. This man was quite knowledgeable, and his previous impression became even better.
The Qingqiu Tushan lineage has been inherited by Chinese medicine since ancient times. However, it is said that after experiencing a great disaster, these things