ould be good if he could get a few experts. If he was still picky, he, the team leader, would have done his best.

Naturally, everyone was happy as a result. Xu Feiyang got the master he needed and was able to solve a lot of troubles that arose. Wei Xiaobei also found a way for the security company to make money, and at the same time, it allowed the American soldiers and Andre to interact in reality. You can also gain evolution point benefits.
After the investigation team’s matter was settled, Wei Xiaobei immediately left the room and settled the matter.
Next, Wei Xingwu contacted Xu Feiyang alone, and Wei Xiaobei did not waste time, took out a piece of iron sheet from the warehouse and left the martial arts hall.
/When he came to the alley and in front of the off-road vehicle, Wei Xiaobei saw that there were not many pedestrians around, so he stepped forward and put the iron sheet on the hole, and then put his two hands, one on the iron sheet and the other under the roof of the car, Suddenly a burst of electric sparks burst out, and his hands suddenly exerted force.
By the time he removed his hands, the iron sheet had blocked the hole firmly. Even if he hit it with a hammer, the iron sheet would not fall off.
Under the tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage current and the tremendous force exerted by his hands, the iron sheet partially melted and stuck to the roof of the car, which was stronger than electric welding.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t have much time to repair the car, so he simply did it himself, had enough food and clothing, and solved the problem.
Of course, it looks a bit ugly, but when it rains, it’s nice that no rainwater will flow in through the holes.
Wei Xiaobei is not the kind of person who pursues perfection.
Just like that, Wei Xiaobei drove an off-road vehicle with a patch on the roof and hit the road.
Wei Xiaobei has already determined the route.
After leaving Cuihu City, go back to Baita County first, go to the City God’s Temple in the Gray Realm, see if you can talk to the City God, and learn some tool making from Gui Cha, and then go straight to Qingcheng Mountain, Emei Mountain, and then follow the Go down the river to Wutai Mountain, Songshan Mountain and other places.
At this rate, if we go quickly, we can return in less than two months.
After getting on the highway, the journey back to Baita County went smoothly without any car accidents or provocative people.
Wei Xiaobei is not the kind of person who looks for trouble, so it would be best if he could go back smoothly.
Two hours later, after Wei Xiaobei threw a pack of cigarettes to the old guard, the SUV entered Baita Primary School.
On the way back, Wei Xiaobei drove at an almost crazy speed.
It had been a while since Wei Xiaobei had been home, and he missed his parents, younger brothers and sisters a little.
/Parking the car downstairs, Wei Xiaobei opened the trunk.
I have to say that Zhu Xinyi was pretty good as a housekeeper. Knowing that Wei Xiaobei was going home, she immediately prepared the gifts and put them in the