liar position.

The only thing I know is that this place is still within the limits of Cuihu City.
Search slowly. Wei Xiaobei drove the White Mist Dragon Horse around while twitching his nose, trying to capture the water vapor in the air.
Wei Xiaobei’s destination this time is Green Lake. In addition to filling some water in Green Lake, he also needs to collect some young reed stems for cooking.
No, after Wei Xiaobei’s nostrils quivered for a while, he didn’t smell much water vapor, but instead smelled a smell of blood.
Wei Xiaobei was no stranger to this kind of bloody smell. It was the smell of human blood, completely different from the smell of an injured monster.
No matter what happened, Wei Xiaobei had to go over and take a look. Otherwise, Wei Xiaobei would feel a little uneasy.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei saw some characteristics and found his location.
This place should be not far from the Coyote Village area. In other words, there might be Zerg appearing at any time?
Not far ahead, in a dilapidated yard, several people were fighting each other.
Wei Xiaobei immediately put back the big gun of Baiwu Longma, got down on all fours, and quickly crawled towards the yard like a spider.
No way, Wei Xiaobei had discovered that there was a Zerg king insect floating hundreds of meters in the distance.
This kind of Zerg member suspended in the sky, like a jellyfish, has powerful monitoring capabilities and can detect enemies from a distance, thus notifying other Zerg troops to encircle and suppress the enemy.
Of course, more often than not, these king insects serve as the logistics force of the Zerg. They can carry the Zerg ground troops and transport them to places that are inaccessible on the ground, and their huge capsules can allow the Zerg to rest inside. Recover from injuries.
Well, to put it simply, this king insect is equivalent to a combination of the Zerg early warning aircraft and transport aircraft.
If this King Insect is discovered, a large number of Insects will appear soon!
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei had to be cautious.
/At this time, the fighting in the yard was ongoing, accompanied by yelling and swearing.
“Ye Tiansheng, you guys! You must die a good death!”
This voice was very familiar. Wei Xiaobei’s heart moved inexplicably, and he remembered that this was the voice of his second senior brother Zhang Zhilong.
Then a slightly hoarse male voice sounded, with a bit of pride: “Knowing the current situation is a hero, Zhang Zhilong, as stupid as you are, it will be a matter of time before you die here, why not let us take your body to receive the reward, By the way, I have wanted to exchange for T287 nutrient solution for a long time.”
“Lao Ye is right. In this world, people will be punished for their own sake! When I return to reality, I can do whatever I want. Zhang Zhilong’s little junior sister is quite smart. We will have fun when the time comes. Ah, Zhang Zhilong, you kid You ungrateful animal!”
/A very frivolous voice rang out, and a burst of obscene words wer