d since childhood and the surrounding environment still affect him all the time, making him still look forward to the return of the Creator and the response to Silver City’s sacrifices and repentance.

But now, all this hope has been destroyed, leaving only the last bit, which may be drowned by darkness at any time.
/Silver City will continue like this, eventually disappearing completely into the darkness, and no one will remember that we once existed. After struggling, Derrick looked out the window and saw many residents of the area where he lived gathered together, spontaneously Pray and repent to the Creator of all things.
This is not a ceremony organized by the “Six-person Council”, but a tradition that has been formed in Silver City for two to three thousand years. You have to pray for good things, you have to pray when you feel emotionally unstable, you have to pray when someone in your family is injured, and you have to pray for the birth of a new life.
Lightning cut across the sky and illuminated the street. Derrick stood in the darkness inside the house, staring blankly outside. He didn’t move for a long time, but his hands were clenched tightly without realizing it.
When the residents dispersed, he finally withdrew his gaze, his expression distorted.
Reaching out and touching “Thor’s Roar”, Derrick’s eyes gradually became firmer and he was ready to follow Mr. “The Hanged Man”‘s words and make some friends to help him from the side.
/Soon, he became embarrassed again because he didn’t know how to take the initiative to make friends, how to greet others enthusiastically, and how to find topics.
This is something that goes against his character.
After thinking about it, Derrick decided to go to the training ground and use fighting methods to reestablish friendship with his original acquaintances. The place was a gathering place for people in Silver City, and he could often meet relatively familiar people.
Another late night, Klein saw a dark and desolate plain and a mysterious and gloomy spire as he wished in his dream.
Passing through one obstacle after another, he arrived at the area where tarot cards were scattered, and a black stroller was already there.
Will Aucetin, wrapped in silver silk, asked in a clear voice:
“What kind of chips do you have?”
You are very active and proactive this time. How about your Sequence 1 reserve? However, that’s what children are like, so it’s a good mentality to maintain. Klein chuckled secretly and said:
“Two chips, choose one.
“The first is to look at the Wheel of Fortune card once, and the second is to temporarily restore a certain strength during the weak period.”
Will Ascetin was silent for a second, then laughed and said:
“That’s Bernadette over there.
“My hunch was indeed right, I can get something good this time.”
Then, he asked:
“Which chip do you think I will choose?”
Klein subconsciously thought that I had a chance to ask questions, and then he laughed at himself and said:
Will Ascetin clicked his tongue and said:
“Do I look like