Renato said with a troubled expression.

In diplomatic issues, the core theme is always interests.
On this basis, if a great diplomat is born, he can occasionally perform miracles once or twice through operation.
If core interests are not involved, the diplomacy of the Aslant continent is not as effective as asking the king to come forward to gain favors.
Helping relatives but not taking care of things is the norm.
This clearly does not apply in the current situation. No matter how many royal marriages there are in various countries, they must make concessions for the national strategy.
If you want to change the strategic decision-making of a big country, the price you need to pay is by no means a small amount.
In order to preserve the principality’s foundation, George has found ways to bribe Caesar IV and Hudson, but this does not mean that he is still able to bribe the countries in the Southern Continent.
/It was all caused by the collapse of the Warhammer Kingdom. If it hadn’t been for the prodigal son of Joseph II, the current situation would definitely not be so bad.
In the past, when continental wars broke out, there was nothing to worry about without the ancient survivors. Every time a continental war breaks out, they fight each other.
“Count Renato, the situation may not be so bad.
The ancient relics have been suppressed by the Warhammers, and their true strength should not be as strong as everyone expected.
The defeat on the battlefield was mainly due to the serious loss of the principality’s strength. Compared with three years ago, our strength has declined instead of rising.
Don’t forget that the nobles have been recovering in recent years. A copper coin would be like dressing up as two halves of a flower. Everyone knows what kind of life the serfs are living.
If your stomach is not full, how can you have the strength to fight?
The veterans that the principality painstakingly trained during the last war have been starved to death in recent years, and at most only four or five ten percent of their combat effectiveness is left.
The situation in the Alpha Kingdom is much better. The Hessians jumped out to cause hatred, and the nobles in their country did not dare to relax their armaments at all.
Nobles with a little wealth would regularly organize military training for their serfs, and the veterans’ combat power was relatively better preserved. ”
After listening to Prime Minister Herceg’s analysis, everyone looked much better, and then their faces were full of embarrassment.
After finally accumulating a group of veterans, they actually lost their combat effectiveness in order to save money on rations.
Even if they want to complain, they themselves are “idiots who throw away watermelons in order to pick up sesame seeds.”
As soon as the last war ended, everyone in the principality thought that the world was at peace, and immediately released their troops to Nanshan.
Not only was the combat effectiveness of the serf soldiers destroyed, but the number of the standing army was also greatly re