“I remind you because I don’t want them to benefit.”
The gray mouse squeaked twice and asked hoarsely:
“Who are you?”
He was very upset at the moment. He was upset that the power he had accumulated before was always wasted. Otherwise, he could now use “astrology” to confirm the situation.
I don’t know when the full-length mirror went dark, but the bloody words suddenly disappeared, then suddenly reappeared, replaced with new content:
“I have already answered one of your questions. Based on the principle of reciprocity, it is my turn to ask a question.”
Immediately afterwards, a new line of blood-red text highlighted below:
“After you hastily parasitized into the body of a mouse, you should have been affected by the body structure and hormones. Now the objects that will make you desire to mate are:
/“Human female, human male, female mouse, male mouse, or, all
“Please answer.”
At this time, Hazel opened the door a crack, but the gray mouse inside was affected by something and didn’t notice it.
The door opened a little further, and Hazel found that the demigod who claimed to be living in the legend was looking blankly at the mirror, seemingly fascinated by his current appearance: a gray rat.
Er, Hazel frowned slightly and subconsciously stopped opening the door.
Then, she saw the gray mouse trembling all over, with an obvious fierce look in its red eyes.
“Don’t joke with me,” growled the gray mouse.
He turned around and was about to leave the room, but invisible shackles suddenly imprisoned his mouse body.
He was not afraid of this kind of power when he was in good condition, but now, his accumulation has been exhausted time and time again. The latest time was to entrust the dream to the Extraordinary bodyguard hired by Dwayne Dantès.
A silvery white and thick lightning fell out of the air and struck the gray mouse on top of its head.
Hazel’s eyes were blazing white at first and she couldn’t see anything else. Then she regained her vision and found a gray mouse lying on the ground with charred fur and its legs twitching.
What sudden change happened that made Hazel, who lacked experience, not know how to deal with it for a while. She stayed there for several seconds before opening the door and rushing in.
When she came to the side of the burnt black mouse, the self-proclaimed demigod had already stood up and said calmly:
“You forgot to close the door.”
“Ah” Hazel looked confused at first, and then realized that she was eager to figure out the situation, so she didn’t close the door as usual to prevent the maid from peeking inside.
Seeing that the mouse seemed to be fine, Hazel pursed her lips, turned around, and walked back to the door.
During this process, she did not forget to take a look in the direction of the full-length mirror. She saw that everything was normal there, there was no problem, and the scene in the room was clearly reflected, with no more people and no less objects.
With a clicking sound, Hazel asked actively:
“Teacher, what happened just now?”
The rat with char