n, we and all mankind will become eternal soul bodies. Who controls whom, and even who devours whom. No one can erase this distinction between the same race and the different race, right?”

The scene suddenly turned cold again. No one spoke now, and I don’t know how long it took. Instead, the Chinese leader suddenly said: “This is the reason for our gathering. After all, according to Odin’s method, all mankind can Only 100 million can be left, and civilization in the next era is irreversible. Once it becomes an eternal spirit, it cannot reproduce. There are too many dangers in the universe. If one of us humans dies, one will be missing. Even if we can do what he said , when the strength reaches a certain level, you can find physical support again and descend. But the universe is so vast and huge. How many of us humans are left before we find a suitable race? And the more there are, the more stable the structure will be. If we are yellow race, white race People, the total number of black people can be one billion, and they can devour each other to increase their strength. As long as our law enforcement is fair and the political situation is stable, we can support it until we find a new descendant race, so one billion is our bottom line. Besides,”
/Moreover, after these two words were spoken, everyone present looked a little strange. Obviously, they probably knew what the Chinese leader wanted to say. In fact, this was exactly what they were thinking.
Maybe there’s something wrong with Odin?
Just as everyone continued to remain silent, suddenly many people’s brows moved. In the video, other people appeared next to these people. These people leaned over and said something in their ears. After a while, these people’s faces changed. They all became ugly. Only the leaders of the yellow race present had indescribably weird expressions on their faces.
“Gong Yeyu and Pei Jiao? They appeared in Western Europe?!”
/At the same time, on the other side far away, Pei Jiao and Gong Yeyu were both floating in the air. One was covered in purple lightning, and the other was sitting on an eight-legged horse with silver lightning flashing. Both of them looked very powerful, but no matter how powerful they were, Fierce, compared to the battle in front of them, these two people still looked a little shabby.
Far away from the two of them, more than forty spaceships the size of small destroyers and one spaceship the size of an aircraft carrier were approaching the town in a fleet formation. To put it bluntly, the combined size of these spaceships was almost larger than This town was even bigger. Compared to the number and size of the spaceships, the two people standing in front of them were no more than ants.
But the people who are really afraid are not these two ants, but the people driving these more than forty huge spaceships, especially the captain on the aircraft carrier-class spacecraft. He is looking at the screen with a cold sweat on his face. When the screen When the screen turned to Gong Yeyu, he immediately roared: “Yes! It’s