s, and the A hellish city of ghosts! Apart from these, is there any of the things you mentioned!?”

Deng An suddenly turned pale, but Mao Wenxi next to him sneered and said directly: “Gong Yeyu, you have experienced a lot of things in the world, can you be so naive? Do you know what time it is now? It is not a war, not a troubled world. , but the real apocalypse! If you are not careful, all human beings will end up together! At such a moment, the government can find a way to continue the hope of mankind and give mankind a seed of continuation. This approach is wrong ?”
Gong Yeyu picked his ears, he chuckled, and suddenly pointed to a very far place outside the city and said, “Are they willing?”
“Huh?” Deng An and Mao Wenxi originally just planned to delay time. The reason why they said these words was just to waste more time. They did not expect that a few words could convince a strong-minded person whose original intention was difficult to shake. There are powerful people above the true demon level, but Gong Yeyu’s answer still made them stunned for a moment. They all looked towards the extremely distant place, but they saw nothing except a desolate mountainous area.
/Gong Yeyu still pointed in the distance and said: “Those who are eaten by you, used as batteries by you, and turned into ghosts by you, are they willing? The government issued a notice saying that for the sake of the continuation of all mankind, so sorry, Our senior leaders decided to turn you into soul tonics, energy sources, and ghosts by the way, so that we can create a soul army. As for the soul tonics, they must be consumed by the senior leaders first, and then the energy source will be provided to our senior executives’ residence. Use it, and then the soul army is naturally used to protect our high-level people. If our high-level people survive, humankind will continue. For the continuation of such a great goal for human beings, so you just go and die. Sorry, you should not even die. !”
“Is that so?!”
Gong Yeyu originally spoke with some slight sarcasm, which sounded very peaceful, but when he spoke the last few words, his voice became louder and louder with each word, and his face turned into a ferocious expression with gnashing teeth and anger. , his eyes turned red, and he looked as terrifying as an evil ghost. Just as he yelled the last word, the purple thunder sword in his hand glowed brightly, and his whole person turned into a purple thunderbolt and shot straight out, bearing the brunt of it. It was Mao Wenxi who was talking sarcastically over the small stove above his head.
/Gong Yeyu’s attack method is actually quite simple. It is almost the same as the shape of his mind. The word domineering can be enough to describe it. It goes straight. The first is strength, the second is speed, and the third is indomitable momentum, which is the kind of momentum that once unfolds Attack is a life-or-death hob-meat characteristic. This characteristic becomes even more obvious when his strength reaches the level of the Demon King. It is this domi