ature with an unusually graceful figure and wings on its back. If it weren’t for Because it was covered in feathers, he almost thought the thing was a legendary angel.

What caught his attention was the thing above the angel’s head. It was a magic circle, and it was a magic circle that Hel was very familiar with – the magic furnace.
Another picture at the bottom aroused Hull’s great interest. The magic furnace was split into eight pieces. Each piece looked much simpler. There were many strange words written next to this simple picture.
Suddenly Hull discovered something. The style of this simple picture was completely different from the other paintings in the album. The person who made this picture album should be a master of painting, but the person who drew the simple picture did not have good painting skills, and the other pictures There are detailed instructions, but there is nothing next to this simple picture except those strange words.
This sketch must have been copied later.
Helsin flipped through the subsequent albums with his hands. Incredibly, the modified creatures that followed were obviously targeting the creatures in the simple diagram.
/Just when Hull was about to turn to the end, suddenly a voice came from behind: “What is this?”
“It’s just an interesting picture album.” Hull smiled and quickly closed the page.
It was the fat old man who spoke just now. This guy looked friendly, but he was actually quite difficult to deal with: “Can you let me see it? Maybe this is a very important trophy.”
Even if Hull wanted to devour this album, he couldn’t do it now.
“Use magic to make a copy, and then each of us will have a copy.” He said with a smile.
As he said that, he handed over the album, but Hull did not let go, because for a person like the fat old man, to use the advanced copying technique, he only needed to lightly touch the thing that needed to be copied. He also planned to keep the original, saying Maybe there are some secrets hidden in the original.
The fat old man happily put his hand on the book, but before he could cast the spell, suddenly, it was as if two lamps were lit up next to him.
Hull quickly turned his head, and when he saw the thing clearly, his face suddenly turned pale.
It was not a lamp at all, but a pair of open, bright eyes. They were eyes that only a beast would have, green eyes with slender pupils.
Slender pupils? Hull suddenly remembered something, which was what Old Man Moon told him. In a dark place, if the pupils of a monster are long and thin, it means that it has not fully awakened. At this time, it must either run away quickly or hurry up. Destroy it.
Without the slightest hesitation, Hull flicked his right hand, and the golden thorn silently penetrated the two-inch-thick glass surface of the modulation tank and penetrated into the monster’s eyebrows. The magic thread behind the golden thorn wrapped around the monster. One turn, then a sharp squeeze.
Blood spurted out, dyeing the brewing tank bright red in the blink of an eye.
“Damn, these monsters are all