piritualism. Don’t they belong to living things? This made Hel very surprised. If he couldn’t recruit souls, he couldn’t create an undead demon servant. This was quite a pity.

Since this thing was completely useless to him, he summoned the Nether Fire to burn the corpses of the largest number of monsters. At least these corpses could make the Nether Fire stronger.
Perhaps the corpses of dark creatures are indeed suitable as fuel for the Netherworld Fire. The originally lavender flames became much darker in color after burning all the monster corpses.
Looking at the burning netherworld fire and the corpse of the monster that had been reduced to ashes, Hel couldn’t help but think of that unique monster. This thing was simply too powerful, but I didn’t know if it was the highest in the Inquisition. Achievement.
Hull smiled bitterly and glanced at his right hand. The picture album he originally held in this hand was now missing.
Now we can only hope that the fat old man also did not get the album, otherwise he will suffer a big loss. If someone from the Holy See picks up that thing, they will never take it out.
After roughly looking around, Hel slipped out of the half-dimensional space.
/But before he could stand still, a figure flashed a hundred steps away, and in the blink of an eye, a bright sword was in front of him.
The speed was so fast, even the super assassin who had the blood feud at the time was not as fast as him, and Hull knew that he was even worse.
/The only thing he could do was move his body to the side.
A stinging pain came from his heart, and Hull closed his eyes. He thought he would die, but after a while, he found that he was still conscious.
Can you survive if your heart is penetrated? Hel was really surprised and looked down.
There was indeed a wound on his chest, but it was very shallow. If it weren’t for the crack in the hard breastplate Anna helped him make, the location of the wound might not have been visible.
What stabbed him was a very light sword. The sword was very thin, so it failed to penetrate the breastplate and did not damage his heart. The reason why he felt the sting was entirely due to the impact of the sword. The impact The power could be so deep, he was amazed when he thought about it.
The one who attacked him just now must be a super master, but this person was unlucky and met a strange person like him. In this era of rampant bullets, there are very few people wearing mail armor like him.
However, in this era of fighting with muskets, it is indeed rare to encounter a master of swordsmanship.
Hel Chaoruo looked around. The person who had been staring at him had already disappeared into the night. He retreated without missing a single blow. The swordsman had the demeanor of a top assassin.
Hel didn’t want to be attacked again. He quickly unfolded the magic thread and surrounded himself. After making sure that he was not at risk, Hel casually summoned his most powerful undead servant so far.
A skull and bones were suspended in front of him.
As soon as the death fana