Yin Kuang through the “Kala Way”, very charmingly.

Yin Kuang through the “Kala Way”, very charmingly.
/King Ada blinked, as if he was a little dry due to the cold wind at night.
“Yes.” King Ada responded softly, took a deep breath, and said, “Take care along the way.”
“Yes. Also, thank you.” Yin Kuang said something that seemed to be meaningless, turned around and walked towards Qian Qianqian and the others left.
a minute.” As soon as Yin Kuang turned around, he felt a refreshing cold wind blowing towards him. Yin Kuang smiled. Then two soft lips pressed on his raised lips,
“Hiss!” Yin Kuang suddenly took a breath of air and let go of King Ada’s delicate body. Then he pulled out a silver needle from his tongue. King Ada chuckled, waved to Yin Kuang, and said: “Bye bye!”
Looking at the silver needle between his fingers, Yin Kuang couldn’t laugh or cry, but according to the prompts, the effect of the silver needle was not bad. “Wait a minute,” Yin Kuang said Kuang said, “Reciprocity is reciprocated.” As he said this, he threw a CD over. King Ada caught it accurately, “What is this?” But she only saw Yin Kuang’s retreating back.
“You’ll know when you go back and see. Also, change your profession. This profession is too dangerous.”
The wind started blowing again. Due to the flying dust and the shadow of the night, Yin Kuang’s figure gradually disappeared. There was only a voice of embarrassment: “You’ve been dragging me for so long, you can’t bear to leave me, right?” ”
What’s the matter?”
King Ada looked at the CD in his hand and murmured faintly, “They’re all gone. It’s time for me to leave.”
In the desert, an off-road vehicle was speeding through the sand, two lights illuminating the dark road ahead.
/In the car, Dr. Isaacs was driving. The mummified Aikenfo was placed in the back seat.
“Issacs, how long until we arrive!?”
“The road is clear and there is no danger. We expect to arrive in 30 minutes.” The answer was a little girl, the White Queen.
“Isaacs, is my daughter really still alive?!” Aikenfo asked again.
Isaacs said impatiently: “Don’t disturb me while driving! How many times have you asked? I can only tell you that she is still alive now. As for whether she will die or live in the future, I don’t know. If you want her to live, just Keep working for me. Only by being stronger than the Red Queen can you save your daughter.”
“The matter is not over yet!”
white light exploded, and everyone who had experienced another life-and-death test returned to their respective classes. . Sadly, the university that brought them all these tragic and dangerous journeys has become their only safe haven. Of course, this is relative. What’s even sadder is that their destiny seems to be controlled forever, and no one knows when this destiny controlled by some mysterious existence will end!
Silence seems to have become a routine every time I return. After the silence, there is mostly venting noise. No matter who it is, after going through an exam, they need to vent, otherwise they will have a mental breakdown even if they