nife, then as you and Lao Miao analyzed last night, he will most likely remind us through some way or channel that we have arrested the wrong person. .”

nife, then as you and Lao Miao analyzed last night, he will most likely remind us through some way or channel that we have arrested the wrong person. .”
He is not afraid that the murderer will move, but he is afraid that the murderer will not move. As long as he makes a phone call, even if he sends an anonymous letter, he will leave clues.
If Wang Yunhai was doing other business, there would be nothing wrong with this arrangement. The key point is that the business Wang Yunhai is doing is different from the three suspects who are being questioned!
They should be able to think of such a simple thing. Han Bo felt a little strange and couldn’t help but ask: “Song Bureau, there should be a rental record in Wang Yunhai’s store. Can you find a breakthrough from the rental record?”
“Lao Ying arranged for someone to go there. I’ve seen it, he does have an account book, but unlike those who rent books, he doesn’t accept ID cards as collateral, only deposits. The deposit for renting a VCD is 50 yuan, and it won’t be a penny less.”
“Don’t remember the name, no. Leave your phone number?”
“No, the VCD he rented out comes with a box, the name of the movie on the box, what is rented out, what is taken back, it is charged on a daily basis, 4 yuan per day, there is no need to remember the guest’s name, and there is no need to leave a message. The customer’s phone number.”
/The rent will only be paid if it is rented out. The longer it is rented out, the more the rent will be. He will not urge the customer to pay back early.
Han Bo reacted, thought for a moment and pointed at the monitor: “Bureau Song, compared to the three of them, Wang Yunhai probably doesn’t have contact with that many people. After all, not every house has a DVD player, and not everyone has a DVD player. They all go to rent DVDs. And the 12.18 case was the shortest time ago, so he should have some impression.”
I really didn’t consider this.
Deputy Director Song pondered: “Han Chu, do you think we should subpoena Wang Yunhai?”
“We cannot completely rule out other possibilities. We can find an opportunity or create an opportunity to go to his home without attracting anyone’s attention. Take a look and talk to him.”
Only by finding out whether he was framed can we prove all the previous speculations.
Deputy Director Song weighed it up, stood up and said, “Okay, Chu Han, you sit down for a while and I’ll make arrangements.” “Let’s
go together, it seems like we can’t ask anything here.”
Walking into the second building side by side with Deputy Director Song The scene in the conference room on the floor was completely different from last night. There were piles of materials on the conference table, and six detectives sat around the table and studied them carefully one by one.
The white blackboard in the corner turned into a large blackboard with dozens of photos and more than a hundred names written on it. After reading a piece of information, the detective got up and walked to the blackboard, taking down a photo or erasing one. name.