Gate is in the shape of a tic, just like the mouth of a sword scabbard, and the sword light shoots out from the mouth, which is really powerful!

Li Xue wanted to sacrifice this peerless sword, but found it extremely difficult. With his Taoist cultivation, he could barely lift it.
But the power contained in that sword light is enough to destroy any Dao Lord!
Xu Ying’s expression suddenly changed. He didn’t dare to directly receive the sword light from Lingxing Sect. He was afraid that Lord Dao wouldn’t be able to catch the sword light from Lingxing Sect!
He immediately raised the apricot-yellow flag of Hun Dao, and suddenly the black and yellow energy was thousands of miles thick and thick, meeting the sword light of Lingxing Gate.
Among the four innate banners, the Hun Dao Xinghuang Banner is the most powerful and the first of the four banners. However, as soon as the flag collided with the sword light, it immediately collapsed. The black and yellow qi were shattered one after another, and the flag rolled back!
The flag vibrated, and the flag rotated around Xu Ying, forming a semicircle, protecting Xu Ying within it.
Xu Ying held the big flag in his hand to steady the flag. When the sword light struck, the mountains and the earth on both sides of the banner evaporated, and the ground disappeared, leaving only two sky chasms. Starlight emerged from the unfathomable ravine and rose slowly.
Xu Ying was shocked to the point where his energy and blood surged, and he slid backwards. The ground in front of him appeared in the sword light and evaporated!
The martial arts cave in his body turned into the form of a flood, and the nine great avenues turned into a state of no structure. He tried his best to activate the apricot yellow flag, but he was still pressed until the corners of his mouth bleed.
But fortunately, Li Xue had just obtained the Lingxing Gate and could only activate one point of the power of the Lingxing Gate. However, Xu Ying had been cultivating the Hun Dao Xinghuang Banner for nearly two hundred years. Although the power of the Xinghuang Banner was far inferior to that of the Lingxing Gate, Xu Ying could Ying can exert 30% of the power of Xinghuang Banner.
Li Xue was exhausted, and when she saw that the apricot-yellow flag was not broken, her expression changed slightly, and she activated the Lingxing Gate again without thinking.
/At this moment, Xu Ying jumped up and waved the flag with all his strength. The time and space around Li Xue and others were shattered. Everyone felt that their respective avenues were unbearable and they were in danger of being strangled!
“Hurry behind the door!” Li Xue shouted loudly.
Li Jie, Li Song, Li Xiao and others hurriedly came to hide behind the door. Everyone urged to activate this innate spiritual treasure. The sword light came back and slashed at Xu Ying!
Xu Ying’s figure was hidden under the big flag, wandering around the Lingxing Gate. Wherever the flag passed, black and yellow energy filled the sky.
And the Lingxing Gate moved dexterously in the air,