strange feeling.

“Is this the one who attacked the broken temple on the Nai River last night?” Xu Ying murmured.
/I don’t know if this corpse was a god, a demon, or some other creature. It was killed by the big bronze bell. The bones fell into the Nai River and turned into flesh and blood.
Passing by the corpse, they heard strange sounds again, like thousands of people whispering.
An Qi said: “The gods enjoy sacrifices. They have cultivated their magic power for a hundred years, and they have been refined into a six-foot-long golden body in three hundred years. This must be a god. The whispers are caused by the incense breath of the god. The incense breath is the magic power of the god. Although this god He is dead, but the scent of incense has not completely dissipated.”
Xu Ying looked at the skeleton, feeling shocked in his heart, and asked: “How many years must such a huge god be?”
Xian Qi shook his head: “With a golden body of three hundred years and six feet, the bones of this god are thirty to forty feet long. I am afraid it will take tens of thousands of years of worship to develop such a powerful golden god. But I have read so much The book, the book says that the written history is only three thousand years old. Where did the gods who have been worshiped for tens of thousands of years come from?”
Xu Ying stared at the flickering golden texture on the bones, and his mind was filled with questions.
They continued to move forward, passing through the mountains and forests of Anziling, and encountered another corpse in the river.
This corpse was even larger, blocked in the middle of the river, with no lower body, only the upper body.
The flesh and blood on the corpse had not been completely removed by Naihe, and there was still flesh and blood attached to the thick bones.
Looking from a distance, the flesh and blood on the white bones are still slowly squirming.
Xu Ying and An Qi were about to walk over, when a group of wild birds flew from the sky, dark and flying over the river. Suddenly, the flesh and blood on the white bones shot out in unison, like a frog’s tongue, clinging to the group of wild birds and pulling them into the river.
The birds screamed and their feathers fluttered, but soon there was no movement, leaving only the bones and feathers of the birds falling to the ground.
And on that corpse, there was a lot more flesh and blood than before.
Xu Ying and An Qi were horrified. They quickly held their breath and walked around the river.
Suddenly, the huge corpse suddenly raised its head, and its empty eyes “looked” in the direction of Xu Ying and Gong Qi. His head was like a mountain of flesh, with flesh sprouts crawling on it.
“Run!” Xu Ying shouted hurriedly.
One person and one snake ran wildly without their lives, while the half corpse crawled hard with two arms and ran along the river at a very fast speed, chasing after him!
After chasing the corpse for a while, Xu Ying and Jian Qi lost all traces, and then they gave up.
Xu Ying and An Qi fled all the way and arrived at Jiansh