and the sword light in the starry sky is brighter and more dazzling.

There was a void in his eyes. The moment the Zhuxian Sword was pulled out of his body, the Taoist Dao and Tao power he cultivated turned into blazing fire from the sky of death and flowed into the sword.
He died so quickly that he didn’t even have time to escape his soul or consciousness.
After a long journey, Master Tongtian finally returned to the other shore. He was quite surprised to see that the calamities and killings on the other shore had indeed become much lighter.
Logically speaking, Tao Zun has gone through many calculations this time and will not allow the other side to easily eliminate the disaster.
But the calamity on the other side is steadily fading.
He shook his head slightly.
Master Taiyi invited Tianjue City out of his cave, and the disciples of Taiyi Sect reunited. Jiuhen, Qingxuan, Shengzun and others also came after hearing the news. Jiuhen stood behind Taiyi, Qingzun Xuanhe Shengzun stood behind Xu Ying and Ancestor God.
In front of Taiyi, there were more than twenty Taoist masters from the other side, including Tianchengzi and Xuannv Holy King, as well as Taoist masters from the heavenly realm such as Gong Jiexuan and Dongxuanzi.
As the master of Hongmeng Taoism, Xu Ying also has a place like the ancestor gods.
Taiyi looked around and said: “Now the second of the three avenue masters has died, many Taoist friends have died, and only less than 30% of the population of the other side has survived. This disaster has had a great impact on my other side. If we continue to kill , whether the other side can recover is still unknown. Lin Chuanting and Lin Dao took the initiative to negotiate peace, so I invite you all to come and discuss this matter.”
In the hall, everyone heard the words and started talking about it.
There are many people here, such as Tian Chengzi, Xuannv Holy King and others, who are allies of Taiyi, but most of them are Taoists who have been revived by Taoist Luo.
/They originally sought refuge with Master Luo, but now that Master Luo was dead, they had no choice but to follow Taiyi’s lead.
Taoist Master Pengqiu said: “Taoist Master Lin is extremely powerful. If we fight him to the end, I’m afraid we will also suffer heavy casualties. There are signs that the calamity on my other side has been resolved, so it is not appropriate to carry out any more killings.”
The other Taoist masters nodded after hearing this. Taoist Master Dongyun said: “It would be best if he could seek peace and bring peace to the world. I can’t make any more troubles on the other side.”
“What Dongyun said is true. The other side governs the vast universe. If the strength of the other shore is greatly reduced, the vast universe will rebel and escape our control. Will the other shore still be so rich at that time?”
Taoist master Shi Lan said, “What’s more, the heaven is next to our bed. If the Taoist Lord is not eliminated, how can we kill each other?”
As soon as she said this, all the Taoist masters nodded.