“One Taoist is missing, why don’t you worry?”

Master Hua smiled and said: “Fellow Daoist Lin, do you want the fate of killing and calamity to be in your own hands, or in the hands of others?”
Master Lin said: “Naturally, it is in the hands of others.”
Hua Dao Master’s eyes flashed and he said: “The three of us have the same Qi Lianzhi, and there is an outsider like Tongtian. What’s the point? According to me, he needs to be used in this killing robbery. After using him, he will also be sent to him.” Deal with the calamity. If we master the calamity of killing ourselves, it will be much easier the next time we deal with the calamity.”
Lin and Luo nodded in agreement.
Taoist Master Luo smiled and said: “Brother Hua Daoist has always done things flawlessly, and he must have done it perfectly this time. These three Taoist Masters are resurrected, and after passing on the catastrophe, they can be sacrificed.”
Master Hua said: “I am already familiar with this matter, so you can rest assured. When Ji Cang and the others are released by me, they will all snatch my innate spiritual treasures, and I will let them snatch them away. They think they have a plan, but they don’t know that these innate spiritual treasures are Lingbao will kill them!”
/Master Lin said: “We must pay close attention to their whereabouts now.”
Master Hua said: “They brought the innate spiritual treasure I left for them, and their whereabouts cannot be hidden from me.”
He looked carefully and his expression changed slightly.
Upon seeing this, Taoist Lin asked hurriedly. Master Hua’s face became increasingly ugly, and he said calmly: “There is no trace of Ji Cang.”
Lin and Luo’s expressions suddenly changed.
“If you only sacrifice two Taoist masters, you can’t easily resolve this disaster!”
Master Luo said, “Didn’t Ji Cang bring your Four Flags Gate Formation? Can he escape from your monitoring range?”
Master Hua looked solemn and said: “There is another way to escape from my surveillance. That is to leave the other side.”
“Leave the other side?”
Lin and Luo were each stunned, and Daoist Lin said: “Leave the other side? Where can they go?”
In the chaotic sea, the Cuiyan Tower ship set sail. Taoist Master Ji Cang said to Xu Ying and others, “My injury has not healed, and I am not suitable to fight to the death with Taoist Master Lin and others. It is better to go outside to avoid the limelight.”
/He paused: “Since you are from Zhaojie, let’s go to Zhaojie.”
“We are not from Zhaojie!”
Xu Ying and others quickly denied it, but Taoist Master Ji Cang didn’t listen at all and sneered: “How can I know whether you are from Zhaojie or not? Shut up! You are my savior, I have to repay you. Now I Apart from these four flags, the only thing left is my Dao Master technique, do you want to learn it?”
Xu Ying, Shengzun, Qingxuan and Taoist Wukong all shook their heads, while only Shi Tianyang nodded repeatedly.
“We want the flag!” Xu Ying and others said in unison.
Hearing this, Taoist Master Ji Cang was both angry and amused, and shouted: “You four