rjoyed, with a strange light in his eyes.

“The Tianjian Sect rebelled and had their backbones broken. Two of the three died during the Tribulation Period, and the remaining one was an old farmer who did not do his job. He only planted grass and hugged trees every day.”
“Nine elders are working together here and there, but they are still not full. The sect leader only knows how to eat, drink, and have fun, and works hard in his daughter’s hometown all day long. In a few years, the Tianjian Sect will be abolished.”
“That’s good, that’s good”
Tianmingzi nodded repeatedly when he heard this, his eyes slowly closed, and the hand stroking his beard dropped.
It’s cold!
“If someone is clear and doesn’t tell secrets, that person is me!”
Tian Mingzi was in a stable mood, did not utter any words to refute, and walked away with a smile.
Lu Bei sighed and lamented that practicing cultivation was not easy. He waved his hand and swept away the stone table and bench. He poured a cup of tea to the ground and sent Tian Mingzi away.
He raised his hand and held a fire, put Tianmingzi into the box, and rummaged through the Qiankun Ring.
Meeting is fate, find the home address of the lonely old man, make a trip to send the ashes back, and let him return to his roots. It’s best to have a phone number. The woman who answered the phone is 280 years old, values ??love and justice, has a low IQ, and is willing to repay her kindness with her body.
Lu Bei thought too much about the phone number, but the address was indeed there.
A land deed states the hilltop where the Wuliang Sword Sect is located.
In addition, there are three ancient books with a sense of time.
“This is”
Three ancient books, one is the original version of the Infinite Sword Canon, and the other is the manuscript of the Infinite Sword Canon, which records the insights of dozens of sword masters and great masters on the Infinite Sword Canon, from the Infinite Sword Intent to derived magical powers, and even the immeasurable Taoist rhyme. Everything you need.
Compared with the Immortal Nine Swords, the two Infinite Sword Intentions cannot be said to be the same, but they are also very similar.
Qi Lijing traveled to Zhao Qin and used the Infinite Sword Intent in vain. He took the essence and discarded the dross, and finally came up with the Infinite Sword Intent of the Tianjian Sect.
However, the Abandonment Sutra does not leave any explanation of the deeper immeasurable Taoism, and it can only be understood by future generations.
The pit is too deep, and all future generations will fall into it.
/With this kind of temptation in front of them, few people can make up their mind to deeply cultivate a single sword intention and discover the origin of the Tao Dao Yun.
Bai Jin is one of them, he has outstanding swordsmanship and the combination period is very long.
Chong Yuxiao is one of them. His swordsmanship aptitude may be higher than that of Bai Jin. He has learned all the swordsmanship of the nine swords, so he has to lose his