t it was as if the treasure soldiers and the round of Sumeru light were immersed in the aura and breathing together. With the continuous breathing and the uncertainty of the spiritual light between each breath, the light group itself is diminishing its appearance bit by bit.

In fact, the transformation process of melting each other into one has completely ended, but the appearance of the two is extremely majestic, and the real blending into one is actually a gentle process that seems slow.
/But at this moment, with the fusion of the Sumeru fragments and the treasure weapon, the storm of the aftertaste in the fusion process was still inevitably dispersed in Bailu Mountain, and then, with the vibration of Bailu Mountain, this aftertaste Furthermore, relying on the connection between this long and narrow battlefield, it spreads further and further towards the distant sky.
And it was at this moment that Chu Weiyang turned his gaze away from the crack in the abyss and from the Xuanhuang Baobin Admiral in the crack in the abyss.
/Then, the Taoist glanced at Gong Wanzhu beside him again.
“Take a good look, take a look at this heaven and earth, this universe, all the phenomena in the universe, and yourself among all living beings. It can also be regarded as a testimony, a testimony of what I have done as a teacher, and a testimony of how I have done it as a teacher!”
When the words fell, Gong Wanzhu, who was already very confused during the series of cave photos, seemed to have vague expectations because of Chu Weiyang’s words.
Therefore, although he still looked confused, Gong Wanzhu finally nodded gently towards Chu Weiyang solemnly.
“Okay, disciples, come and see, disciples, come and witness!”
Rarely, when Chu Weiyang heard these words, there was an almost heroic smile on his face.
“Good! Great good!”
The moment the words fell, Chu Weiyang rose up out of thin air again, and when he raised his hand, the Taoist held the golden red flag in his hand.
Amidst the roaring thunder and the fierce wind, the Taoist waved the golden and red flags. In an instant, the flourishing Langhuan seal patterns swayed from the golden and red aura towards the mountains and plains, towards the two mountains in the north and south. .
Before coming to this dojo, Chu Weiyang had already hidden such Sumeru formation diagrams in the distant spiritual mountains and beautiful waters. The accumulation of these talisman formations was enough to connect this narrow and bloody battlefield one after another.
Apart from where the real cardinal is, apart from the true and consistent essence of this long and sloping battlefield.
So, at this moment, accompanied by a dark gray faint spiritual light, it soared into the sky on Bailu Mountain.
Half-suspended in the air, Chu Weiyang was accompanying Chu Weiyang while stepping on the gang, using the method of fasting and offering rituals, shaking the golden and red flags, and brushing down the seals one after another in the air.
From the immediate vicinity of the rolling mountains, to the distant horizo