same misty illusion emerged.

Everything follows the same process of change as it did with Shiquan Mountain and the “Jade Book” earlier.
At first, it was just a hazy outline. Gradually, the outline itself was filled with aura, and it began to become clear little by little.
/It was clearly just a momentary change, but whoever looked into it would only feel that it was a slow change over a very long time.
But change must eventually come to an end.
Gradually, a clear illusion emerged from the hazy outline, showing the figure of a person sitting in front of the desk. And as the hazy illusion expanded, most of the figure gradually followed. The clear jade light was covered by mist and haze.
The picture that was originally extremely clear has become hazy and blurry due to this.
It’s as if the energy of Tao and Dharma is acting on the fuzzy part in the air.
But anyone could see in that momentary change the large spiritual talisman paper spread out on the desk, as well as the writing brush dipped in spiritual ink held in the Taoist’s hand.
Chu Weiyang.
Even at this time, the “Jade Book”‘s space-distance sensing hole light made everything related to the essence of Taoism become hazy and blurred.
Perhaps it is because Chu Weiyang practices the true form and has a wonderful body and mind, the hole photo in the “Jade Book” even hides the angle at which Chu Weiyang is facing directly, only revealing a sliver of light. From the side angle, people can vaguely see Chu Weiyang’s temples, the outline of his face and his cheeks.
But these alone were enough for the cultivators to clearly recognize Chu Weiyang’s figure.
During this period of time, Chu Weiyang has done too many good things one after another.
All the great golden elixir monks from all the sects in the outer sea have truly reached the point where they have never known Chu Weiyang!
And in the next moment, maybe he didn’t know that what he did was actually sensed by the “Jade Book”, and reflected in the suspended world in this way.
Chu Weiyang’s hand holding the brush rose and fell again, and there was a clear voice of emotion.
“Collect what you have learned and put it into writing, then it will become a classic”
The moment the words fell, all the great monks in the Golden Core realm suddenly realized what Chu Weiyang was doing at the moment.
In an instant, Zhu Xiu suppressed the changes in emotions on his face almost as if instinctively.
With a solemn attitude that was almost like observing a ceremony, they all stood upright with their hands down. At this moment, there seemed to be no distinction between good and evil between Xuanyuan and Dao. Before the eyes of the cultivators, they could only see the interpretation of Taoism over time. Among them, another complete high-level and wonderful method is about to be compiled into scriptures and canons at this moment.
Even if all they could see at this time was Chu Weiyang’s hazy phantom.
The next moment, when Chu Weiyang’s pen fell, covered by the hazy mist, it actually landed on the talisman paper.