g base, and now all the years of hard work have been wasted.

Not to mention those direct blood descendants who died, if we want to restore the number of direct blood descendants on such a scale in the future, it will not be possible without a thousand years of recovery.
And this wastage of a thousand years may have killed the latest imperial bloodline of the ‘Half Spider’ clan that possesses the ‘Emperor Heritage Pattern’.
As long as he wants to reach this point, the power of the ‘Half Spider King’ can’t stop surging.
“Gold-winged Beetle Emperor, you don’t know why I’m here?” the ‘Half Spider Emperor’ gritted his teeth and replied.
Seeing the appearance of the ‘Half Spider King’, the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ thought of the news he had just received, and there was a look of pride in his eyes.
“Is your territory being attacked? This kind of thing is just a joke for juniors, don’t take it too seriously!” the ‘Golden Winged Beetle Emperor’ said with a smile.
“Five hundred of my direct bloodline were killed. It turned out to be just a joke!” After the ‘Half Spider Emperor’ heard the words of the ‘Golden Winged Beetle Emperor’, it could no longer suppress its anger. It shouted and vomited countless words from its mouth. of spider silk.
“You’re serious!” The ‘Golden-Winged Beetle Emperor’ couldn’t help but be shocked, and his figure disappeared on the spot, just out of the reach of the spider silk.
The ‘Golden-Winged Beetle King’ also reacted at this time. Only then did it know what the demigod ‘Golden-Winged Beetle King’ had done. If its five hundred direct bloodline members were killed, its anger would definitely be stronger than that of the ‘Half Spider King’ Even more so.
/But the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ cannot blame the demigod ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’, because it was the one who gave the order. It seems that the demigod ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ not only completed its order, but also completed it too well. Okay, that’s too much.
The ‘Gold-winged Beetle Emperor’ knew that if he didn’t fight today, he wouldn’t be able to calm down the ‘Half Spider Emperor’.
The ‘Gold-Winged Beetle Emperor’ and the ‘Half Spider Emperor’ have been enemies for many years. They both know each other’s strength and the advantages and disadvantages of both sides are very clear.
The ‘Half Spider King’ has terrifying control within the scope of the spider silk. Once it is caught by the spider silk, it will definitely be a big trouble.
The ‘Gold-winged Beetle Emperor’ has an unparalleled advantage in speed. Except for the ‘Electric Scorpion Emperor’ that can compete with it, there is no one who can compare with it among the Zerg god-level.
The ‘Golden Winged Beetle Emperor’ is confident of fighting with the ‘Half Spider Emperor’. Although the ‘Half Spider Emperor”s natural ability is more restrained against speed-type enemies, as long as the ‘Golden Winged Beetle Emperor’ is not crazy, it will not happen. Caught in close combat with the ‘Half Spider King’.
The ‘Half Spider King’ was going crazy at this time, but it was