sword, a faint golden light was shining on it.

In this environment, this faint golden light was not noticed by other Templar knights. The main reason is that the fifth-level light sword itself has a light golden light. Under the cover of the light golden light, unless the spirit is specially used, Perception, otherwise it would be impossible to detect at all.
/At this time, David’s concentration reached almost 100%. He had been studying the power of the black dragon for a long time, but due to the mixed energy in his body, it was difficult for him to fully understand the power of the black dragon.
The current clone has pure black dragon power without the influence of any other energy, making it easier for him to comprehend the black dragon’s power, and the bottlenecks in the past have been broken one by one.
/As David’s understanding deepened, the power of the black dragon became more and more obvious on the fifth-level light sword.
The power contained in his light sword is also constantly increasing. This is not because he has strengthened his power, but because his power is automatically increased as he controls the power of the black dragon.
It’s just that David’s natural ability of ‘swordsmanship’ is used, and every blow is a fatal attack, which does not reflect the difference between his fighting at this time and before.
But David himself can sense this. He has a feeling that he is only one step away from the rules of the black dragon’s power mentioned by the black dragon Alexis.
The black dragon Alexis realized the rules of the black dragon’s power on David’s clone. The time given is uncertain. It depends on whether David’s clone has enough time to practice ‘Black Dragon Sleep’, but it will not be less than at least Ten years, or even later, decades or hundreds of years are also possible.
This is the legendary level of clone clones, which is the most suitable period to master the rules. No matter how weak you are, you will not be able to understand the rules. No matter how strong you are, the rules will have long been solidified in your body.
David didn’t understand how his clone, who had no intention of understanding the rules of the black dragon’s power, could reach the bottleneck of the black dragon’s power rules first.
In fact, not only did he not expect this, but even the black dragon Alexis did not expect this to happen.
As a member of the Black Dragon clan, the Black Dragon will never encounter a battle similar to what David’s clone encountered. David needs to go all out, continue to use the power of the Black Dragon, and constantly break his own potential.
If the black dragon clan encounters a swarm of insects, a dragon roar can clear away all the swarm of insects within their mental range. There is no way these insects can get close.
Not to mention letting the black dragon fall into such a hard battle, it is impossible for the black dragon clan to let the young black dragon who has not even reached the rules of the black dragon’s power endure such danger.
In addition, the Black Dragon Ale