“That’s not true. I’m just heartbroken, pure heartache.”

“Old thief Chu Kuang is unreliable!”
The people in charge of major scenic spots are scolding their mothers at the moment!
Only at the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, the person in charge was in a good mood and excitedly posted a bunch of pictures of Wudang Mountain scenery. At the same time, Aite Chu Kuang said:
“The Condor Trilogy is a treasure of martial arts. Our scenic spot bought 300 copies of “The Legend of Heaven and Dragon Sword” in support of Teacher Chu Kuang, and every scenic spot staff has a copy!”
the other side.
Inside Lushan Scenic Area.
The staff were all gloating!
“Haha, tell them to get se!”
“Is old thief Chu Kuang so easy to talk to?”
“We are still smart and choose to cooperate with Teacher Xianyu directly!”
“We want to cooperate with Chu Kuang. Maybe he is trying to hack us in his book. Although Mr. Er Xianyu and the old thief Chu Kuang are friends, their personalities are really different. How bad is the old thief Chu Kuang? Teacher Yu is so good!”
“The main reason is that Teacher Xianyu’s ability is no worse than that of Chu Kuang!”
/“Teacher Xianyu wrote a poem for West Lake before, and the number of tourists visiting West Lake increased dramatically!”
“By the way, didn’t Teacher Xianyu promise us that he would also write poems for us? Why hasn’t he done anything yet? We have already shot a promotional video for his poems.”
“Maybe I’m still creating. Creation takes time.”
“Eh? Minister Zhang, what is that in your hand?”
While everyone was discussing, a leader came in leading a long box.
The leader surnamed Zhang smiled slightly: “Teacher Xianyu’s calligraphy, he has completed the creation he promised us!”
Is Xianyu’s poem finished?
Written it down on paper yourself?
And he was specially sent to Lushan?
The group of leaders in Lushan suddenly became excited and couldn’t wait to urge each other to open the box!
And when everyone finished reading this poem.
Everyone’s expressions became excited: “What a poem!”
The person in charge of Lushan Scenic Area said excitedly: “The promotional video is ready to be released. In addition, we will add an attraction project in Lushan to carve this poem on Lushan forever for tourists to enjoy!”
This poem is called: “Inscribed on the West Forest Wall”.
Of course, Lin Yuan has written works about Lushan, and there are more than one!
Naturally, it is Su Xian’s “Inscription on the Western Forest Wall”. This great man who seems to have never been bald by Lin Yuan has left too many classics that have been handed down from generation to generation.
The author is also a fairy, a poetry fairy.
I believe no one will be unfamiliar with “Wanglu Mountain Waterfall”, right?
Regarding the fame of various Lushan poems, Li Bai’s “Suspect is the Milky Way Falling in the Nine Heavens” can be said to complement Su Dongpo’s poem.
In the end, Lin Yuan chose “Tixi Linbi”.
It’s not that this song is better, it’s just that Lin Yuan wanted to split it into two parts.
I’ll post Su