Xiaotong glanced at Liu Changan and turned away, pulling Bi Wan who wanted to come over to talk to Liu Changan. Wan said something, and then Bi Wanwan sat down and continued talking to her.

An Nuan did not sit with Liu Changan in the area where the girls gathered. She sat down in the middle and back seat. Liu Changan looked at it and saw that there were no beautiful girls on the same level as An Nuan. However, there were a few men who kept looking back, and then there were Two or three looks that were not so friendly, and not just random looks from strangers, fell on him.
Liu Changan looked at them one by one.
These male classmates were stunned for a moment, and then turned their heads. They had never seen anything like this.
Although it is impossible for the classmates in the large classroom to know each other, since Liu Changan is sitting next to An Nuan, there is no doubt that he is a new face. Everyone has some impression of An Nuan, especially those male students who pay attention to An Nuan. It can be confirmed that An Nuan is not close to anyone in these classes.
/When a new face comes to an unfamiliar environment, he will usually show a friendly or low-key attitude and let others look at him. No matter what the meaning of the looking at the eyes is, silently accepting it is a gesture that everyone takes for granted. Very few people will do this. They looked back one by one, with a look in their eyes like “Where are you looking at your grandpa?”
“It seems that there are many people who don’t give up on you.” Liu Changan said to An Nuan regretfully, “It’s all because you are so good-looking. There are little thieves everywhere who are thinking about my girlfriend.”
“I’m hiding my face.” An Nuan put the book up and hid her face under the book, only revealing her bangs and blinking eyes.
/“Good idea. The so-called not afraid of thieves stealing, but afraid of thieves remembering me. Obviously I already have some notoriety, why don’t these people take me seriously?”
“Really? Basically, you are just friends with classmates. Some people are trying it out, but they are not blatantly poaching you.” An Nuan sat up straight again and thought about it carefully. This is indeed the case. There once was a Yuan The minister has already been beaten.
“It’s good to add friends. If they walk around in your space, they will know how much we love each other.”
An Nuan rolled her eyes at him, because he never posted anything related to her online. To be precise, except for his Weibo, which was specifically used to hook up with middle-aged women, he didn’t post any information online. The most he posted was likes and reposts. Some messy stuff, such as the last news about a black woman who was imprisoned for torturing a gay man and became a feminist leader after being released from prison, gave speeches and shared her life and story, Liu Changan happily liked it.
At this time, the screen of Liu Changan’s mobile phone on the table lit up. It was Zhu Juntang who sent the video. Liu Changan was flipping through the book withou