n. He had to say something. What if someone stopped sponsoring?

“Do it!”
He suddenly felt heroic in his heart, and the stimulation brought by money was extremely huge: “You can do whatever you want. We will follow the standards of the Blue Star Spring Festival Gala and target audiences from all eight continents as potential viewing targets!”
Stage specifications, please mention!
Special effects arrangement, on!
Programs are added from time to time!
Overseas stars, please!
All problems that can be solved with money should be solved with money. No matter how much you squander this budget, it will always be enough!
The quality of the program is not enough?
With these sponsorship fees, even if you smash it, you can still achieve a certain stage quality!
I don’t dare to say what the upper limit is, after all, it still depends on the work, but the lower limit has already been determined to death!
“Then the first trial in the afternoon was cruel.”
Tong Shuwen said that the specifications of the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala were raised, but the original programs seemed a bit stretched.
Qinzhou TV station.
The scene of the first trial in the studio.
There were some spectators sitting under the stage at this time.
Of course, these audiences are not brought in from the street.
Their identities are very special. They are all staff members of the directing team and relevant leaders of Qinzhou TV Station.
“let’s start.”
Director Tong Shuwen spoke.
Then some rehearsed programs were performed on the stage one by one.
This process lasted for several hours, and when the first trial was completely over, it was already dark.
“Can not be done.”
Jiao Xiong watched the program all afternoon and had already walked away from the sky-high sponsorship fees. However, the impact of the increase in sponsorship fees was shown in another form. The intuitive consequence was that Jiao Xiong was inflated: “Except for that The magic design, Fei Yang’s songs, and the final dance were all passable, and the other performances simply could not meet the standards of the Central-Continent Stage.”
The station director is now starting to benchmark Zhongzhou.
At this moment, everyone has dispersed, and only director Jiao Xiong and director Tong Shuwen are left in the studio audience.
“It really doesn’t work.”
The director felt dissatisfied, and Tong Shuwen felt even more dissatisfied.
If there were not so much sponsorship money, these programs would actually be barely qualified by the standards of the local Spring Festival Gala. But now that the stage has been upgraded to countless levels, these programs are completely inadequate.
After taking so much money, you ended up with a Spring Festival Gala of this level?
/Then his Tong Shuwen brand will be completely destroyed, and Qinzhou TV Station will not be able to hold its head up in the future.
“Leave it to you.”
/The director patted Tong Shuwen on the shoulder: “I’m not as professional as you in this area. You control the quality and do whatever you want.”