is your final judgment? ” “

is your final judgment? ” ”
I said: “It was you who killed Zou Yan. Lu
/Zhou laughed and said, “So you already knew this. I thought I did it perfectly.” ”
I said: “Thanks to Guo Zehui, there was a day difference between Zou Yan’s death and when I gathered you together. Then one day Guo Zehui complained to me that you two were on duty together. He said that he didn’t know you were going that afternoon. The lunch box I bought there was very unpalatable, especially one dish which was fried pork liver. Guo Zehui said that he didn’t even touch a chopstick because he remembered Zou Yan’s case when he saw it. Do you still remember this?
Lu Zhou said: “The speaker is unintentional, but the listener is intentional. I just never expected that he would tell you such a small thing, and it really surprised me. ” ”
I said: “Actually, your accident is just that you like to ignore some facts. You must be thinking about one thing now. I can tell you the answer, the answer is – yes.
Lu Zhou said, “Do you know what I’m thinking? ” ”
I said: “You are thinking about whether Guo Zehui is mine, and then you will ask me how I know it. In fact, I asked you to give you so many special commissions, and I don’t really need you to find these clues. I am observing you, I am seeing how you look for clues and think about problems, so I can get your thinking pattern. It’s not all, but it’s enough. Because of this, I can know how you will react when I make a move. Lu
Zhou looked at me and finally showed a surprised look. He said, “We haven’t seen each other for only half a month. The change really surprised me. But I don’t quite believe it. Such a change can be completed in such a short time.” It’s impossible, there’s someone behind the scenes teaching you how to do it. I
smiled slightly and said, “I never answer questions that I can’t guess the answer to, but if you can guess it right, you don’t have to ask, right?” ”
/Lu Zhou didn’t say anything, and I continued to bring the topic to the case. I said, “I don’t let Guo Zehui go out to police, but stay in the office all the time, just to pay attention to your actions. And I always monitor when you return to the office and when you go out, and you all think that I am suppressing him. In fact, among the four of you, the one I trust the most is not you three, but Guo Zehui. Lu
Zhou sighed and said, “Yes, often the person who attracts the least attention is the one who is least expected.” I have to say that I still fell into your scheme, and I didn’t even doubt him at all. ”
I said: “Now that you have admitted that you killed Zou Yan, tell me about your purpose of killing Zou Yan. You have written my name in blood on the tree. ”
Lu Zhou laughed. But he didn’t speak. Instead, Hao Shengyuan was the first to speak. He said, “Captain He, you seem to have forgotten something. ”
I looked at him. Although I already knew what he was talking about, I still asked him deliberately: “Oh? What is it? He
said: “Have you not noticed that there is a two-on-one situation in this office? If y