omeone invisible. But now the murderer not only did it, but also successfully left the mystery behind. Gave it to us.

omeone invisible. But now the murderer not only did it, but also successfully left the mystery behind. Gave it to us.
So we carefully searched for Zheng Yuyang’s autopsy notes, but all we found were some notes about other autopsies. As for why a re-anatomy was needed, no one could say for sure. Maybe Zheng Yuyang didn’t write it down at all, but he remembered it all. in his head, and now these are broken with his death.
I think the murderer is always one step ahead of us. We started to doubt the police forensic doctor, but the forensic doctor died. It can only be said that the murderer knew our whereabouts too accurately, and even knew us better than we did ourselves.
Fan Zhen’s eyes finally focused on the body of Ma Liyang’s son. He said that re-anatomy might reveal something more. So Fan Zhen soon contacted a forensic doctor he was familiar with to help. During this period, the people in the office did not leave the autopsy room, nor did they touch Zheng Yuyang’s body, but kept everything as it was.
We waited for more than an hour before the forensic doctor arrived. He was over sixty years old and no longer engaged in the forensic profession. He was hired by a hospital. After he came over, Fan Zhen asked him to help see what was wrong with Ma Liyang’s son’s body.
He looked through the corpse carefully and cut off the sutures. I kept watching. I would never have been able to stand such a scene before, but as I saw more and more corpses, There are more and more scenes like this, and now it’s not as scary as before. It’s probably like this, when you get used to something, it becomes normal.
After the sutures were removed, the old forensic doctor took out a ball of something from the body of Ma Liyang’s son. It looked like a ball of blood-soaked gauze. He also looked around strangely, and we stretched out our hands. I stretched my neck to see clearly what this thing was.
/In the end, it was the old forensic doctor who asked first: “Why was this thing placed inside the corpse? It looked like gauze to stop bleeding.”
I saw that it was almost completely soaked with blood, and I couldn’t help but have a question: Ma Liyang’s son is a dead person. , and a person who has been frozen, how could he have such flowing blood to wet the gauze. Sure enough, the old forensic doctor also raised the same question, and he was more certain. He said: “This blood should not be the boy’s, but someone else’s blood.” As for
whether it is, we can only know after comparing the blood samples. The old forensic doctor said that it was probably not the case. In addition to this ball of gauze, he also found another suspicious point. He said: “Not counting this time, the body has been sutured twice, which means that there have been two autopsies, right?”
We still have this point. I really didn’t find it. The old forensic doctor pointed to the needle eye of the suture part and said: “Although the second suture is done according to the eye of the first suture, it will still leave traces of the second suture. Even a slightly experien