of the “Heart of Machinery” team, is wearing a monocle that can directly see spirit monsters such as the ghost ghost, holding a lantern, and doing inspections back and forth. , go out from time to time to confirm the situation in other places.

His two subordinates always stayed in the small hall, next to Russell’s diary.
But there was an additional item placed on the glass display cabinet.
It was a pile of colorful building blocks that formed a miniature picture on the first floor of the museum.
This is also a sealed item. As long as the deformable building blocks are assembled into corresponding buildings, they can be connected with real things. Once someone breaks in, there will be an immediate shrinkage reaction on it.
Of course, this kind of correspondence has many limitations. It cannot be separated too far, and the number of building blocks it has is not enough to put them together.
The people and things inside are almost impossible to leave without external help.
“Captain, do you think someone is really going to steal this notebook? I can’t understand it at all.” One of the team members asked in an idle tone when he saw Max coming back with a lantern.
Max smiled and said:
“Some people worship Russell very enthusiastically, which is not something you can understand.”
“Some of them think they can crack it, but they just need more references, while others believe that the symbols themselves contain mysterious power. As long as they find the right combination, they will gain extraordinary power.”
“In previous exhibitions, criminals like this were caught from time to time.”
“That’s why we don’t take away the diary and put it in a sealed place. We are waiting for someone to surrender.” Another team member asked suddenly.
Max nodded and said:
“Who wouldn’t want the merit that is delivered to you?”
18 K?nigsallee, outside the building near the crossroads.
Klein followed the shadows and sheltered places, using the “Master Key” from time to time to walk in a straight line, and finally arrived here.
He took out the antique-shaped brass-colored key again, pointed it at the kitchen door, and turned it silently.
As the water rippled imperceptibly, Klein entered, walking through doors and walls along the way, and found a storage room without disturbing anyone.
“This master key is really practical. It’s just that the two previous owners got lost in dangerous places, making people afraid to carry it with them all the time.” Klein sighed, put away the brass-colored key, and placed it next to it. When the servant was in the bedroom, he took out the Holy Night Powder, soothed himself, and sealed the entire storage room so that no movement inside could be heard.
/Then, he took out a candle and placed it on the box in front of him.
He snapped his fingers, causing light blue spiritual flames to emit from his fingertips.
After the candlestick was lit, he summoned himself according to the process of ritual magic, and responded to himself above the gray mist.
/Less than a minute later, Klein floated in the room,