e of information, briefly describing his guess.

He believed that he had not been targeted by hunters. What happened before was purely due to the inflated ambition of a young man who had an adventure. He also gave corresponding characteristics to the target:
“Blonde hair, blue eyes, not crazy, even a little timid.
“Having a rather magical item, it may be able to change his appearance and body, it may be able to create hallucinations, combined with a sense of terror, the latter is more likely, in short, there is no way to know what he really looks like.
“He is a novice with little experience and is good at pretending to be powerful with the help of objects.
/Click, click, click. Hamilton stopped his fingers and leaned back with satisfaction, making the chair creak.
The corners of his mouth turned up a little bit, as if he had seen the outcome of that bastard just now:
“A guy with a very low sequence but possessing powerful magical items will not end up well in the sea. There will be many greedy sharks swarming towards him.
“At that time, I no longer need to worry about my problems being exposed.”
The port was quite quiet at night. After leaving “Flying Fish and Wine”, Klein walked around into the distance, first fast and then slowly, gradually entering a state of walking.
After confirming that no one was following him, he changed his face back to Gehrman Sparrow and tucked his shirt into his pants as he passed through the dark area.
/After trimming his temples, Klein took out his gold-rimmed glasses and placed them on the bridge of his nose. His appearance was gentle but a little cold.
He began to rely on the stars to determine the direction and returned to the location where the White Agate docked.
As he walked, he chuckled and thought leisurely in the cold wind:
“I hope White Shark is not so stupid and can see the flaws I left behind.”
The character he created for tonight’s “visitor” is a new adventurer who has little experience and will make mistakes. This person knows a lot about Port Damier and the “White Shark”, and he carries a coveted item. The magical item was made dizzy by the powerful force, and he seemed a little crazy inside.
Klein’s initial thought was that pirates roamed the oceans and it would be difficult for even the navy to find them. If he could obtain more accurate information from the “White Shark”, he could of course come directly to provide services. If not, he could use This identity and appearance are used as bait to attract some pirates who know the goods to the predetermined location to complete the preliminary hunting.
After discovering that “White Shark” could contact Old Quinn, the intelligence officer of “Admiral Blood”, Klein’s plan was improved, which was to obtain the password content and spectrum band, monitor the corresponding situation, and grasp the target’s movements. And interfere with divination, and then use a combination of powerful magical items and weak adventurers as bait at the most opportune time to catch a few big fish.
“The problem now is that I do