her, and her divine power was magnificent. There was a faint eternal divine power manifesting from it, just like a Taoist king appearing in the world.

Although he is still a Taoist at the level of Taiyi Celestial Immortal, he has a status close to that of a Taoist Lord.
That is the Xuanming God’s throne.
It’s just that with such power, compared to the silent goddess next to her, she is still naturally at a disadvantage.
At this time, Bai Liying’s eyes fell on Zhang Jian, with unstoppable joy and a hint of worry and guilt in her eyes.
The female fairy wearing Shuiyun robe next to her bowed and said with a smile.
/“Yu Zhuo, who is under the Jellyfish Palace, has met fellow Taoist Earth Emperor!”
Zhang Jian heard this, his eyes moved slightly and he said.
“It turns out that I am Lord Yuzhuo from the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm. I wonder why you have such important matters and call me this Lord?”
Daojun Yuzhuo is not an unknown person. He is one of the Daojuns who serve in the Jellyfish Palace. He is also one of the disciples of the Jellyfish Empress. He is also one of the Daojuns of the Dragon Clan who sit in the Eight Wild Dragon Realms of the Heavenly Monster Realm. He has a great reputation. But Zhang Jian, the new Dao Lord, was much louder.
More than ten generations ago, he was a peerless strongman in the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm.
Those who come are not good, and those who are good will not come!
Chapter 636: Dao Lord is in trouble
/Yuzhuo Daojun said after a little thought.
“Friend Earth Emperor, my Jellyfish Palace lineage is very clear about the origin of the Qinglong Mountain Range, but it is related to the layout of another powerful person. We have never taken any action! It was only today that we discovered that there was a change in the Qinglong Valley, so we I roped in Junior Sister Bai as a go-between and hurriedly came to meet Daojun!”
After a slight pause, she said with a solemn expression: “If my prediction is correct, then all the relics in the Qinglong Valley are in the hands of fellow Taoists, and among them there must be a relic of the ancestral dragon. Can I discuss this with you, fellow Taoist?” Give this thing to me, of course I am not a rude person. From now on, the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm owes my fellow Taoist a favor. If there is a need, we, the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm, will definitely not refuse!”
Zhang Jian’s face did not change, and he sneered in his heart.
Just want to exchange a mere favor for a treasure. How can it be so easy?
The favor is worth this price, so there is no cost.
Zhang Jian had no expression on his face and just smiled calmly.
“I wonder which ancestral dragon relic Brother Yuzhuo wants?”
Taojun Yuzhuo said with a solemn expression.
“The middle-grade innate spiritual treasure, the Four Sea Pearl, is the supreme divine object used by the ancestral dragon to open up the vast seas in the past. It is originally the object of our dragon clan’s luck. If my fellow Taoist is willing to return it, Yuzhuo will be grateful!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian lau