tian Qinglian already had nearly eighty lotus leaves.

The leaf veins are crisp and tender, and the inside is filled with chaotic divine light.
But Zhang Jian can sense it.
The seventh innate immortality prohibition born this time is still related to defense.
Zhang Jian Yuan Shen has integrated into it and has already understood some of its mysteries.
It possesses the energy of endless vitality and can summon the power of the ancestor’s bloodline.
In other words, the phantom of the twelve-grade innate creation Qinglian can be summoned.
Evolved to the extreme, it can even summon the phantom of the thirty-sixth grade Chaos Green Lotus.
This is a very tyrannical innate immortal divine ban.
It is also an innate immortal divine prohibition that the third-grade creation Qinglian has never had before.
This innate spiritual root was promoted to a high-grade innate spiritual treasure.
The defensive divine power is already useful.
Of course, it is only useful.
What Zhang Jian values ????more is its ability to absorb immeasurable chaos and transform it into the origin of innate creation.
This is crucial to the cultivation of the Earth Emperor’s true form.
After noticing the two-headed giant turtle slipping away, Zhang Jian looked into the distance.
That is the last of the three chaos demons.
Instead of running away, this man quickly came towards his direction.
Boom! !
With his arrival, there seemed to be a terrifying divine power, a long river of chaos, a faint cyan light with a terrifying edge, and it arrived in an instant.
Zhang Jian’s expression remained unchanged, and he felt the magnificent divine intention contained in the technique. He just slowly raised his palm, and the purple-yellow dragon-shaped fairy light rushed out from it, instantly defeating the light green edge that swept forward.
At the same time, the figure disappeared, and thousands of blazing golden lights appeared in the void.
The innate treasure is the Emperor’s Golden Spirit Sword.
Facing the Chaos Demon God who ran towards him with great momentum, he directly used his innate treasure.
He had to fight quickly.
The dazzling sword energy instantly enveloped a strange Chaos Demon God surrounded by the energy of chaos.
The Chaos Demon God carried twelve pairs of golden cicada wings on his back, and two pairs of tentacles sprouted from the depths of his eyebrows. However, his face was exquisitely delicate, as if he had stepped out of a painting.
But behind him, he saw a majestic azure river surging, connecting with him, making his energy powerful and exuding endless power.
Just when he sensed the terrifying sword light that extinguished life, covered destiny, and dao heart, he still changed his color a little.
“Innate treasure?”
Before he had time to think about it, layers of light cyan light appeared on his body, and an obelisk condensed behind him, with infinite chaotic divine light blooming inside, exuding dazzling divine energy.
/But he saw the golden sword light slashing through it, and the layers of invisible avenue totems b