d bluntly.

Fu Yuan’s face was slightly stagnant, and his expression was a little uncomfortable, but he still said.
“Emperor, time is short. I cannot build the Altar of the Stars in a short period of time!”
Zhang Jian smiled upon seeing this.
“I’m afraid you won’t be able to raise the faith of the stars in a short time!”
Fu Yuan suddenly looked a little ugly, just as Zhang Jian said.
The stars in this world are all controlled by many ancient tribes, and they have no way to support the belief in the stars.
Even if we forcibly create a new faith in the stars, it will take a long time. We also need to try to prevent the joint inspections of many ancient tribes in this world, which is really troublesome.
After the investigation, Fu Yuan knew that the matter was extremely difficult.
Of course, he can also use special means to form faith, but for a being like Emperor Ziwei to come in his true form, the power of faith required is too great, and how much does it cost him to form the Gate of Stars.
/And he can’t carry out a blood sacrifice regardless of his evil power and reputation!
He is not the Akatsuki God of Killing, or someone like Beidou Xingjun, so he can have no scruples.
Seeing his solemn expression, Zhang Jian said.
“It’s up to me to help you with this matter!”
After a slight pause, he said again.
“Fellow Daoist Fu, should you have a way to contact the Ziwei God outside the world?”
Fu Yuan’s face moved slightly, his eyes looked at Zhang Jian speculatively, he thought for a while and said.
“Yes, but it requires special rituals and a part of the authority in this world, otherwise our Taoist methods cannot penetrate the heavenly protection network of the heavenly spirit world and communicate with the outside world!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
“Leave this matter to me!”
Zhang Jian smiled slightly.
Fu Yuan agreed immediately.
Ruins of Tianji Mountain
The figures of Zhang Jian and Fu Yuan appeared again in this ruined place, and the magnificent Tianji Mountain had sunk.
Looking around, there are huge cracks all around Tianji Mountain, showing the cruelty of that war.
Once a super power rises, countless forces will inevitably die for it.
It’s just that the earth is vast after all. The passage of time quickly made this place re-grown with lush green plants, reborn with vitality, and some lowly monks. The gods reoccupied this place and formed a new reincarnation.
Zhang Jian and Zhang Jian’s figures flew down and fell into the depths of the earth. Zhang Jian smiled at Fu Yuan’s confused look.
“Although the root of the earth here was taken away by me, the earth pattern formed over countless years has still not been destroyed. The surrounding boundless earth energy still uses this place as the center of the eastern realm. If it is given hundreds of millions of years to evolve, it may not be possible to rebuild it again. Gather a root of the earth and become the center of the earth in the eastern realm again!”
“Now we can use the earth energy here to communicate with the void outside the world. Of course, if